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Below are some pieces which caught my eye and fit in beautifully at this time of year:


Easter 14: Partritge Cushion cockcush 

This brand new hand made needlepoint cushion will set the scene for a festive Easter athmosphere.

Current bid: CHF 40



 Easter 14 1: Partridge Chair ribbonlouis

Add a bright element to your living space with this classy 19th Century Antique Louis XVI style armchair.

Current bid: CHF 485



Easter 14: Partridge fountain fullterredefer-500x500 

A lovely way to transform a dull looking wall. The Déposé Terre de Fer Water Font is 86cm high.

Current bid: CHF 220

To see what other products are up for auction please take a look at 





Easter 14 1: Liz IMG_4666-1

I am very pleased to introduce Liz Forest of EMF Management Services. The work and projects Liz is involved with,  are very much in line with and complementary to my own work, enabling both of us, to offer a much broader service to our clients. Having seen each other`s work, we are both very keen to work together as a team, when a project requires a more comprehensive and time consuming input. 

Easter 14: Liz 1 DSC_1612                 Easter 14: Liz 2 Salon angle 1 (GWard)

Liz specializes in property management and renovation service. Her knowledge of French and expertise with local building regulations have been of great help especially to the expat community. Liz provides tailor made assistance to home and business owners for renovation and refurbishment of living and working spaces as well as property management and research. The success of her work is based on professional expertise and a substantial network of collaborators. Here are some of the jobs she can take care of:



* Assistance in planning and implementing of home renovation projects

* Help with putting ideas together

* Dealing with local authorities

* Identifying experts, craftsmen and competitive bids

* Coordinating work teams


Property Management

* Research and help identifying commercial and residential properties (for sale/rent)

* Managing and liaising with incoming tenants

* Assistance with property maintenance or repairs

* Help with general administrative tasks

Liz offers a first one-hour consultation free of charge including evenings or week-ends. For more information, examples of her work and contact details you can go directly to





Spring is in the air and Easter is approaching. This is a lovely time of year. Colours are springing to life in our gardens, giving lots of inspiration and incentive to spruce up the home with a few new additions, be it in the way of furniture or just a few accents to your room. To help you with this changeover, here is a selection of fun and interesting picks, for some seasonal and hair-raising inspiration!



Easter 14: RabbitChairs-1 

What better way to sit your guests down over Easter lunch. These fun-tastic creations by artist Charlotte Cory are perfect for this coming season and beyond,



Easter 14: Floral Mirror em45_medium 

For a stylish leafy element on your walls, this mirror is a real statement piece,




       Easter 14: Parrot Wine Cooler 4148                  Deaster 14: Parrot Water Jug 4078      

Keep your cool when entertaining your guests. For a stylish dinner table to impress, the Silver Birch parrot wine cooler and water jugs will do a very fine job. Just add the parrot candle holders and you have the most unusual and impressive table setting, (International Shipping)




Easter 14: Bunny Ear Chair d68b7c2c38c90ea327e0a522cd9fac5f 

A perfect addition for anyone with eccentric tendencies. The moment your guests sit down, their heads will have a long ear extension. This is a true statement piece about which your guests will talk long after the dinner party is over,



Easter 14: Butterfly Drum Shade whitefarfalla_4

These pretty butterfly drum shades come in different sizes and have been made from top quality Osbourne & Little wallpaper, 



Easter 14 1: 3 Bunny Cushion img4j 

An absolutely charming way to give your sofas a stylish element, while your guests prepare for the Easter egg hunt, CHF 31.90,



Easter 14: Lamb stool 

This gorgeous sheep chair will no doubt take prime position in any child`s bedroom,



Easter 14 1: Egg Pictures il_570xN.507130664_518b

The set of 9 Antique Bird Eggs Prints will give your wall a stylish lift not just for Easter. Add a large bowl with ostrich eggs to your coffee table and you have the perfect complement for the pictures, CHF 58.85,



Easter 14: Grey classic-english-fiddleback-chair-15-off-4652-p 

With just a lick of paint, this chair has a contemporary feel and looks very stylish round a kitchen table. An Angel at my Table offers a choice of different colours to mix and match, £125,



Easter 14: Multi Colour Pedant Lights diamondtip-lr-ls


If you are looking for a bit of colour in your kitchen, these pendant lamps are a very stylish solution and look also very nice when suspended at different heights,




Easter 14 1: Bunny Retro Chair Image.aspx.html          Easter 14 1: Pink Retro Chair Image-2.aspx.html 

These vintage Parker Knoll chairs are upholstered in Thonrnback & Peel hand-printed fabric. If you are planning to furnish your children`s bedroom, these models should provide a truly fun and timeless solution,




Easter 14: H&M Plate hmprod-1    Easter 14: H&M Pot hmprod-2   Easter 14: H&M Cup hmprod 

These china pieces with their Moorish design are a fun and inexpensive way to introduce some colour spots into your room.



Easter 14 1: Pink Kids Shade preview_in-the-forest-pink-paper-cut-lantern 

The Forest Paper Cut Lantern by the Little Baby Company is a lovely way to cheer up a girl`s bedroom and will be a guaranteed success. £ 16,95,




Easter 14: radiator_bisque_classic 

Always popular in traditional interiors, the Bisque Classic Radiator feels equally at home in contemporary settings,



  Easter 14: LED Bed 2009070311 Easter 14: LED Armchair leon-nouveauEaster 14: LED pink Armchair max3       Easter 14: LED Sofa sofi

These furniture by French designer Philippe Boulet, will keep your guests entertained all evening. They come in different designs and even include a bed. The integrated touchpad controlls the programmable LED modulator tube and can change colours for additional effect,


Easter 14: Bird chest I_162579650_50_20120118 

For a fresh look and some bright seasonal accent to a room or bedroom, this little chest with its pretty bird pattern will add a breath of fresh air to your interior,


Easte 14: Multi Shades ritabig                           Easter 14: Multi Lampshades 2 emmybig                        Easter 14: Multi Shades valeriebig

With these bespoke creations, you would even stand out at Ascot. All lamp shades are made bespoke to any design, offering each client a very creative input,



Easter 14/ Pink-Red retro sofa dellasofa 

Enjoy the trendy interior fashions of the 50s with this retro sofa in a dramatic velvet with button details. There are a number of colours to choose from,



Easter 14 1: Multi Tea Lights preview_parisien-style-pastel-glass-tealight- 

A perfect addition for a fresh Easter table setting, Pastel Glass Tea Light Holders, £5,99 each,



Easter Sofa: Sanderson fabric chair fa 

The fabric on this chair (Fitzroy) is like a breath of fresh air and adds a lovely colour spot to a kitchen or sitting room, fabric Sanderson,



Easter 14 1: 3 Side Tables T1P4999 

If you have some cash to splash, make any of these very stylish tinted lens side tables with acrylic top and chrome base by Bryan McCollin your statement piece, EUR 3000,



Easter 14: Up-cycled side board flowery-furniture

A lovely example of upcycled furniture. This one-off piece is one of many sold by Green and Mint, 



Easter 14: Turquoise Sofa A-Standard-Lowback-French-Style-Sofa-by-Talisman- 

This elegant French style sofa can be made bespoke to different sizes and fabrics,



Easter 14 1: Turquoise Retro Side Board oak-jade-sea-bird2 

This 1950s retro sideboard is quite a find: another eye-catching example of upcycled furniture,



Easter 14 1: Nada Debs Stools Listener-2 

A beautiful and uplifting mix of contemporary design with a Moorish element. Nada Debs has got her designs down to a fine art, from $454, (International Shipping)



Easter 14: butterfly-parade-white-cushion-flat-shot 

Spring is definitely in the air with this dramatic display of butterflies printed and embroidered on white linen featuring the Christian Lacroix house logo. For orders or enquiries please contact me on



Easter 14: fresh-funky-blackboard-dinning-table


This is the perfect kitchen table to get children into creative mood. The unique blackboard table top allows them to design their own pictures before or after each meal, £ 190,



Easter 14: Yellow Cast Iron Chairs A-Set-of-Four-Neoclassical-Inspired-Cast 

For a statement dinner table, this set of 4 neoclassical inspired cast iron lattice seats finished in citrus yellow from the 1960s would make the perfect addition,


 Easter 14: Parrot Wall Lights bp009use       

You don`t need a cage or net to capture this very attractive pair of Parrot Wall Sconces, £305



Easter 14 1: Yellow Retro Coffee Table Image-1.aspx.html 

If your kitchen is large enough for an additional sitting area, this vintage coffee table with bespoke top would provide a fun and unusual finishing touch, £360,



Easter 14: N-J Yellow bed set 2463_Standard 

Brighten up your bedroom with this beautifully embroidered Medina Throw and Cushion Cover, (International Shipping)



Easter 14: Multi Colour Lamp Shades 71492_617767028278197_1507971112_n

 Melodie Horne has produced this lovely range of vibrant Irish Linen colours and Ikat patterned Lamp shades offering a choice of 45 colours and all hand made,




Easter 14 1: Green Tree Cabinet produtos_8_6 

For the design conscious with a taste for the unusual, this Magnolia Sideboard combines nature with modern design and would provide a real statement piece. It can be supplied in different colours,




Easter 14: Made Yellow dinig chiars hoxton_collection_chairs_pistachio_gree 

These stylish yellow chairs provide the trendy designer look without the price tag, £149, (Ship to the UK and France)                     

Easter 14: Butterfly retro chair 01-Tortie-Hoare 

An eye-catching chair inspired by the wings of a butterfly, covered in leather and linen make it a beautiful, organic statement piece,




 Easter 14: moss_rug

Add a green element to your home with this unusual Moss Rug,




 Easter 14: Bunny painting 1 il_570xN.216609946                                 Easter 14: Bunny painting 2 il_570xN.281510759

These lovely rabbit paintings by Rachelle Livingston will look gorgeous well beyond Easter, from CHF 11.03,





Easter 14: Fern-Jade-Cushion1-420x420   Easter 14: Fern-Jade-Throw2-420x420 

Inspired by Fern and Reeds, these cushions and throws come in four colourways,



Easter 14: Yellow Sofa Elegant-living-room-Homes--Gardens 

Bring some sunshine into your living room with this very stylish yellow sofa,




Easter 14: Paper Cutouts march-hare           Easter 14: Paper Cutouts the_look_of_love           Easter 14: Paper Cutouts butterflies_from_nowhere_523 

Helen Musselwhite has her paper sculptures down to a fine art, producing the most enchanting pieces which are very much inspired by nature and animals. Most of her work derives from private commissions or pieces for gallery shows,



 Easter 14: diamond-emerald-trend-00

`Diamonds are forever`, now not only decorating your hand but also your interior. The Diamond Emerald Sideboard could provide the jewel in the crown of your living room and as the smaller ring version, not everybody can get their hands on it as it comes in a limited edition,



Easter 14 1: Yellow Drum shade 

If you are just looking for small but eye-catching colour touches for your interior, I would go for these Pompadour Drum Lamp Shades which come in different sizes, from £35.



 Easter 14: chinoiserie-bird-shelves-10-off-10831-p[ekm]437x437[ekm]

Almost too good to use it as an ordinary bookshelf. You could add some decorative elements though, to complement its pretty design, (H 90, W 41, D 15 cm), £125,



Easter 14: antique-style-metal-folding-table-20-off-6757-p[ekm]437x470[ekm]

This folding metal garden table painted in antique green would look equally decorative inside and is easy to move inside or out, £ 40,


Easter 14 1: Hair Tray Image-3.aspx.html

A very fetching way to serve drinks to your Easter lunch guests, £22,







Easter 14 Deco: a45cab9c53af3c610bc6cd50b161c835



Easter 14 2: Room Deco 2009-04-08-eastereggdisplay_rect540



Easter 14 Deco: a100287_0404_eggcupweggs_hd




Easter 14: Browell Eggs 2 IMG_1840      Easter 14: Browell Eggs 1 IMG_1848



Easter 14 Deco: ArchitectureArtDesigns-2010



Easter 14 Deco: ArchitectureArtDesigns-2413




Easter 14 Deco: gt048_eggflowarr1_vert




Easter 14 Deco: la104017_0409_mantel1_hd



Easter 14 Deco: la10409_0409_7_05_hd



Easter 14 Deco: mld105459_0410_bunny2_sq



Easter 14 Deco: flowers-ms108470_vert


Easter 14 Deco: Easter Yellow Display on shelves


Easter 14 Deco: ArchitectureArtDesigns-1324 



Easter 14 2: Deco Twiggs mla103219_0408_birds1_hd



Easter 14 Deco: images

Via /







 Easter 14 Room: HomeUpdates2_EL_8mar13_Dan-Duchars_b_426x639

Via /


Easter 14 Room: IH-wall-7



Easter 14 2: Room Pink images




Easter 14 Room: Rachel-Whiting-easy-living-14jan14_pr_b_426x639

via January 2013 issue of House & Garden. Styling: Gabby Deeming



Easter 14 Room: Graphic-living-room



Easter 14 Room: Bright Green Wallpaper and sofa 




Easter 14 Room: kitchen-easy-living-7-18dec13-Simon-Brown_b_426x639




Easter 14 Room: Green-and-White-Living-Room-Ideal-Home-Housetohome



Easter 14 Room: images copy



Easter 14 Room: Spring Floral Bedroom Decorating




Easter 14 Room: ddebb083dc02a83f_photo-gallery-new-traditional-decorating-t

Via /



Easter 14 2: Room 8afd1f394383e2497282d395107c54fd



Easter 14 Room: house-to-home1-arrumadissimo-com-br

Via /



Easter 14 Room: Fashion and decor inspired by mother of pearl - Clam Ali-We





Easter 14 Room: 16600880_81HuUr6i_c



Easter 14 Room: 759dd2e457336033730aa1e47f941c93











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  1. shazia

    Absolutely STUNNING! So many new places you've mentioned and great to see that they delivery here too. I bought a table that you featured in your last blog from, and their service was great. I even managed to get 20% discount from them for a slight order hiccup! Fantastic decorative pieces, not just for Easter but can be used all year around. Keep up the great work Isabell!! X

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