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Having recently moved from Switzerland to Bath (UK), my new blog is not just written with the new autumnal pumpkin season in mind, but is also inspired by my new surroundings and its wealth of design and colours.






 Autum 14: Mary Liddell red-queen-cup-lemon_797

Since arriving in our new home in Bath, I have met the artist Mary Liddell and fallen in love with her artwork in oil and watercolour.  Mary is the great great grandniece of Alice Liddell - the original Alice in Wonderland. She now lives and works in Bath but trained at the Chelsea School of Art and Central School of Art in London in the 1980s under the tutelage of renowned visionary and surrealist painter Cecil Collins.

Autum 14: Mary Liddell landscape-mountains-reflect_1200 

Mary likes to work `alla prima`in landscape, and from live subjects, fruit and flowers and everyday objects.

 Autum 14: Mary Little landscape-mountains-reflect_1200

For those who like to develop hidden talents, Mary offers courses for groups and individuals.

Autum 14: Mary Liddell landscape-pool_1200 

For details of her artwork, information on courses and forthcoming exhibitions, take a look at her website







Being a `new kid on the Bath Blog`, my latest finds and decorative inspirations, are very much based on all the different aspects of this autumnal time of year and sharing my top picks on Bath delights:



 Autum 14: Rain_Thumb-425x260 

If you can`t beat them, join them!  This rain inspired chandelier might be quite an enlightening experience! Its super stylish and unusual design, can be produced to clients' specifications.



Autum 14: Orange lamp shade lampshade-bargain-british-designo

Who would imagine, that bare trees can look so dramatic and colourful...definitely a good choice for a spot of colour!





 Autum 14: Back Geo Votive 1 dy120231-1Autum 14: Black Geo Votive 2 dy140211-1

Geometric patterns have finally found their way to these stylish Eros printed and Ester Votives, £4.50 each,



 Autum 14: Curtain IMG_0778

One of my new finds in Bath, Savannah Home, has become one of my favourite local haunts for decorative and unusual furniture and accessories. Savannah Home brings together unique elements of interior design, cutting edge products and beautiful antiques. Door Curtain £445

 Autum 14: Velvet Cushions IMG_0768

With so much choice available these days, I am always passionate to find something with a difference. This velvet door curtain and the decorative cushions could most certainly be your `pièce de résistance`! Created by the former textile designer for Galliano and McQueen,  this beautifully antiqued and unique design is as eye catching as any piece of art. The cushions complement the curtains beautifully and are available in a range of colours, none of which feature exactly the same colouring, Orange Cushion £148, black cushion £98,




Autum 14: Orange chair upcycled-1950s-bartolomew-cocktail-chair-citrus-oran   Autum 14: Black chair upcycled-vintage-1950s-bartolomew-cocktail-chair-char 

For a stylish Halloweeny colour combination get one in each colour and jazz up your living space, £625 each,



 Autum 14: Twig Side Board 223964963317

The `deluxe` version of a twig, which fell off during a strong autumn storm. The Nickel Branch Wood Cabinet is a very good find for those who are still looking for a seasonal (and beyond) statement piece,



 Autum 14: Black round table EHD068BLK-0_L2

Very decorative and easy on the eye in a spooky sort of way, Montagne Entrance Table, £885,



 Autum 14: Portrait Furniture 6a00d8341c2f0953ef01b7c6d654b4970b-800wi

No need to get spooked by these unusual designs, they are quite real! This `Pixel Furniture` range was designed by Studio Badini Createam for Italian Design House Seletti with the aim of putting some fun into furniture,




 Autum 14: Fireball Pendant def-01

This is an illuminated fire to inspire! The `Corolla` pendant lamp reminds of a pumpkin cutout version in a deluxe sort of way!


Autum 14 1: Orange Pumpkin Dish 1112492_1

What better way to dish out your pumpkin soup this season, La Cocotte Pumpkin Casserole, £160,


Autum 14 1: cole-son-fornasetti-ii-procuratie-wallpaper-17493-p[ekm]333x501

A very prominent and perfect solution for a forgotten or unloved wall, Cole & Son Fornasetti II Procuratie Wallpaper, £140,



 Autum 14: Orange Cushion 5th-row-33

For a stylish autumnal touch on your sofa or armchair, this velvet cushion from De le Cuona  is a perfect addition, via [email protected]




Autum 14: Owl tables lhw2483-lr-ls

You can be sure that these wise creatures offer an eye-catching feature for your living room. Set of 3 Owls Tables, £225,




 Autum 14: Black Ball lamp l86408-1   Autum 14: Black/White stripe Shade in159_1

This lamp is sold by India Jane, who has branched out and opened a number of shops in the UK, one of which is here in Bath. Stepping into her shop is the equivalent of visiting your favourite delicatessen; difficult to resist all those `Turkish Delights`! This stylish `Bilbao Lamp` is bold and contemporary in style and shape, yet works as well with antique as with minimalist interiors, making this lamp hugely versatile, £99. The `Black Ribbon Shade` which comes in different sizes, provides the perfect match,




Autum 14 3: Ananbo 2 66643f8d6b1660812e30d2eb019bacfa

A perfect example of combining a classic wallpaper design with contemporary interior. Ananbo is a French company, selling predominantly wallpapers with classic country scenes and chinoiseries,




Autum 14 1: ceramic-umbrella-stand-renaissance-33087-p[ekm]233x349[ekm] 

It`s that time of year again, when we need to have our umbrellas handy, so why not do it in style, £49,




 Autum 14: day-birger-et-mikkelsen-ceramics-violetta-25cm-dia-plate-32979-p[   Autum 14: Plates day-birger-et-mikkelsen-ceramics-moth-black-20cm-dia-plate

Following some of the top fashion designers' trend to branch out, offering not just beautiful pieces to slip into but nowadays also to live with, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen has joined this elaborate club too. One of their products is this very eye-catching set of different plates. Whether you eat off them or hang them on the wall, the creative designs lend themselves to different forms of use around the house, dinner plates £20,



 Autum 14: Black/White armchair images

A good find for those who are looking for an eye-catching addition to their living space,



 Autum 14 1: Fornasetti style lamp 736cb8115d7dc4c34f5efabc8cfadc71_21469

This pair of hand-painted table lamps, inspired by Fornasetti, have been commissioned by Ebury Trading and are limited to this pair only,



Autum 14: Upcycles Side Board Pollock-style-furniture 

Upcycling à la `Pollock` - use a paintbrush to drip paint randomly on a piece of furniture. Flick your wrist to create a range of unique patterns (tried and tested by the artist). A very creative solution for an old and unloved piece of furniture,



Autum 14 1: Cushion greydrip25cm74dpi2

Another creative way to take in the outdoors, Artistic Cushion Grey, £72,



Autum 14 3: Ananbo 6 c54b4e78f35e2d36a412426a0f591609                   Autum 14 3: Ananbo 5 95ddbddcaf50a0d12f1a479744611d4e                 Autum 14 3: Ananbo 8 2

For a dramatic feature wall, these French wallpapers offer a unique backdrop,



Autum 14 2: Brown side chair il_570xN.345650923


Perfect seating for the occasional visitor, Upholstered Victorian Chair, £395, 



Autum 14 1: Italian Lamp f761139f311d3305b8d183883b39343f_58051 

This stunning wood and brass retro lamp looks as stylish with classic as with contemporary interiors,



 Autum 14: Orange/brown throw TAL3T-P_1024.WEB_-240x240

Talisman captures the look and feel of vibrant yet faded old master paintings. The chocolate silk velvet is backed by the coral throw giving this product its lovely feel and luxury appearance, Talisman Throw, - For orders, please contact me on [email protected]


Autum 14 1: Italian Chairs 1dc2c7eed8c662003b82c9350e476f95_59085

This pair of Italian 1950s armchairs in their original leatherette are super stylish, and bang on trend,



Autum 14 1: avenida-home-snake-coaster-jpg 

When protecting your table with these coasters, you need not lose out on style,



 Autum 14: Brown lamp L86255L_1

The Limerston Lamp Base is a really stylish piece to add to an autumnal, leafy kind of room scheme, £99,



Autum 14: New - Leather Chair ceg8943b-lr-ls-1 

This cool leather armchair beams out that cosy, staying at home on a rainy day, autum feel!  Carrying my husbands name, it has the same lovable, reliable and rounded look about it! It is bang on trend,using different textures and fabrics to complete the overall look of the chair, Quentin Leather Arm Chair, £995,


 Autum 14: Landscape bench panorama-benchff-230x230   Autum 14: Landscape Cushion Lacus1-230x230

It is that time of year, when we appreciate bringing a bit of outdoors into our home. With the Panorama Bench and Lacus Cushion, you can spend hours admiring the countryside without getting cold and wet!, £1.950 and £98,



Autum 14 2: Tree cabinet il_570xN.673607379_78g4 

A very creative way to upcycle an old piece of furniture,



Autum 14: Knots Rug 1 9c02cf670f276f3c78de32eba910980c  Autum 14: Knots Rugs 2 374715ae7747252d432377fed7f8fe46  Autum 14: Knots Rugs 3 ff46e39329952ce3251b4fd5044b764e   Autum 14: Knots Rugs World of Interiors 7cf18c3906df848668cd390267e7f073Photo: World of Interiors

Art need not just have to be displayed on walls. The `Trilogy Cobalt` is part of Knots Rugs 2015 collection. This trio is a set of rugs based on original artwork by Sharon Steingold. In close cooperation with craftsmen and artist, the company has managed to translate extraordinary paintings into a truly creative collection of rugs,



 Autum 14 1: orla-kiely-multi-acorn-cup-lampshade

For the autumnal look, Orla Kiely has yet again come up trumps,




Autum 14 2: Desk il_570xN.405063243_gr6p

These colours can bring a whole new look to a desk,



Autum 14 1: stormy_shade

Create a bit of drama on your ceiling with this `Stormy Sky Shade`, £204,



 Autum 14: Plate indigo-storm-collection-by-faye-toogood-for-1882ltd-serving       Autum 14: Bowl indigo-storm-collection-by-faye-toogood-for-1882ltd-handless


To help you weather the autumn storms, relax and get cosy with Fay Toogood`s new range of ceramic designs. The `Indigo Storm` range was designed for 1882 Ltd, these unusual pieces celebrate the beauty of natural imperfections, £15.95, for other pieces and orders go to





 Autum 14: Tray 201408311847360

For refreshingly new and interesting home accessories, it is well worth paying the Avenida shop in Bath a visit or taking a look at their online products. Avenida Home is the brainchild of Isabel Saiz. Previously the Head of Marketing at Farrow & Ball, the force behind the Home Collection at National Trust, Delicious Art at the National Gallery London and the revival of Ary Trays, Isabel is also a proud winner of the prestigious International Design Effectiveness Award, bringing a world of talent and experience to the creation of her own brand. Windmill Birch Wood Tray, £30,



 Autum 14: New henrylounge-lr-ls-1

These mini lounge chairs add a different but interesting hue and are a stylish addition to autum interiors, Henry Lounge Chairs, £495 each,





 Autum 14: hand-painted-landscape-chest-of-drawers-27912-p[ekm]233x349[ekm]

Beautifully designed by Young & Battaglia, this hand-painted chest of drawers brings the beauty of the outdoors indoors and looks equally stylish in a living or bedroom, £395




Autum 14: Velvet/linene Cushion BD10C_10241-240x240

One cannot fail to fall in love with this beautiful linen and velvet striped cushion which will make its mark on any sofa or armchair,, for orders please contact me on [email protected]



Autum 14: New - Oka Tree Cabinet

For a very original statement piece, this Mandrake Cabinet is a perfect choice, £1.850,


 Autum 14: Black Chandelier IMG_0771

For a dramatic focal point on your ceiling, go for this stunning chandelier from Savannah Home, Lampfoot Side Light £185,, 



Autum 14 1: contemp_four_post_bed_2_39_2011101210323

This very stylish bed comes in different colours, sizes and finishes,










Autum 14 Acc: uses-of-tree-branches-for-home-decorations




Autum 14 Acc: Covered Lights 0




Autum 14 Deco: Pumpkin floor cushion images-3



Autum 14 Acc: Leaves on Candles p_100224890




Autum 14 Deco: Cream/green/brown sitting room Adorable-Living-Room-Traditio



Autum 14 Acc: Mercury thanksgiving-table-design




Autum 14 Deco: Cream/brown sitting room Todd Romano Robert Burke 1



Autum 14 Acc: Nuts in Candle Jars 2541.Natural-autumn-decor.jpg-550x0



Autum 14 Deco: Tree on wall 026c9b8abf909dff7e99a33ec04c362a





Autum 14 Deco: Brown/cream fall-dining-table-decor-inspiration-2 




Autum 14 Acc: golden-fall-table-decoration




Autum 14 Deco: Starshaped ceiling Amazing-Workspace-Decorating-Ideas-Image-




Autum 14 Deco: grey-bedroom-with-orange




Autum 14 Acc: Pumpkin Table Deco 5e37c5848f9040313de56410b239408e



Autum 14 3: Ananbo 3 Shen-Si Toile panoramique 1




Autum 14 Deco: Blk/red sitting area 117700249d18be25a002342f33edfb73



Autum 14 Acc: fall-flower-tablescape-idea




Autum 14 Deco: Grey room with orange bedspread da7efe228c928da6cb471d7e0769



Autum 14 Deco: Beautiful-gray-cream-bleu-and-orange-liv-rm1




Autum 14 Deco: Blue/orange display shelf 16e49a13e97e99c00910cdadee3078c1



Autum 14 2: Cool Interior The-look-5




 Autum 14 Acc: Cream/Beige fall-pumpkins-centerpiece




Autum 14 Deco: Purple/green hedborg-sleeping-alcove





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