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Summer 15 Room: udaipur-rajasthan-india-city-palace-i-a-western-style-room-



After a cold and wet spring here in Bath, summer is at last making its tentative appearance. So, don`t stay too sober when it comes to your interior but celebrate the sunny forecast by injecting some colour into your room schemes and by getting yourself in the right mood for your summer holiday.





Over the years, my work has not just involved sprucing up my clients` interiors or home staging properties which are being sold, but also helping clients with their search for a new home. Being still new to Bath, I have joined forces with Shona Forbes-Cable of Bath and Country Property Finders to help out with this.


Highly experienced in the home-finding business, Shona has a real knack for sniffing out super properties which are not quite yet on the market, giving her clients the advantage of arranging viewings, before someone else gets there before them. One can be sure that if she does not find it, it does not exist.  It is a very competitive and very much a sellers market here. Shona has great understanding of what her clients are looking for and takes care of them beautifully, so do look her up on 




You don`t have to travel half way round the globe to add some elements to your interiors which are inspired by designs from far flung destinations. With my new finds, I hope to take you on a journey, without having to go anywhere near a plane, car or train.



Summer 15: Tashi G orange cushions 9858289 

Tashi Goldring, a textile designer and muralist, specialises in printed textiles for both interior and fashion design. Tashi creates most of her work through hand screen printing and painting. She can also create bespoke work for clients. Her colours and designs are stunning, fun and very original,




Summer 15: Blue Arti Schair front 4011768    

Timorous Beasties is known for its surreal and provocative textile and wallpaper designs. This `Random Abandon Armchair` certainly lives up to expectations with a very `arty` flavour! £2,200 for the set of two chairs,




Summer 15: Safavieh-Dhurries-Navy-Ivory-Flat-Weave-Rug-DHU624D-4

The Dhurries Navy Rug from Safavieh brings that instant Moroccan element to a room scheme,



Summer 15: Garden coffe table cream 132773282 

The perfect choice of outdoor table, if you are looking for something stylish which you don`t find in every other garden, Silhouette Outdoor Coffee Table,


Summer 15/4: fornasetti-scented-candle-architettu


As this candle is yet again proof, Fornasetti never disappoints when it comes to producing statment accessories which look great around the house, £125, 



Summer 15: Tashi blue fabric 3125613      Summer 15: Taschi G matching blue bag 9504413      Summer 15: Tashi G fabric 2 2935125 

With so many lovely designs from which to choose, it is very tempting to get carried away. It is well worth taking a look at Tashi Goldring`s website to get a feel for what she can turn her beautifully designed fabrics into,



Summer 15/5: Heals Sideboard 05_H12edit_1161903k

As seen in the Sunday Times,  Heal`s is launching a new collection of painted furniture for autumn. The Atlantic Blue Pinner Sideboard, will be one of their front runners and will be available from mid August, £795,



Summer 15/4: Jug C34697094_040_b-1 

This eye-catching design, is a creation by Sout African Artist Ruan Hoffman and combines traditional craftsmanship with modern art, £96, 

  Summer 15: normal_large-floor-cushion-in-three-colours

A brilliant solution for a garden party or sitting room if you have a large number of guests. It is easier to store away than a chair and looks very decorative, £105,



 Summer 15/5: still-life-flowers-jug_573

Mary Liddell, a great great great grandaughter of Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland) is local to Bath, specialising in Still Life, Landscape and Portraits. Her paintings are beautifully put together and bring a wonderfully warm element to a room,



Summer 15: Blue moorish stool ot-019 

Add a bit of colour to your living space with this stylish `Blue and White Stool`,



Summer 15: Tray tr143 

If you are just after that small accessory for your summer entertaining, go for this Majolica Tiles Alfresco Tray, £19.50,



    Summer 15/4: Orange chair aclk

This orange chair is easy to place and goes with most neutral colors, £257.99,




Summer 15: Savannah Bird Cushion s366419143856091046_p454_i2_w640 

A `bird` told me that this large floor cushion is one of this season`s must haves and worth the investment, £350, 




Summer 15: Orange Safavieh-Quatrefoil-Orange-Garden-Stool-a136ad0b-6cfe-408 

If you have fallen for this very trendy summer colour, the Quatrefoil Orange Garden Stool is a very stylish blend of Asian and Moroccan design, £74.79,



Summer 15/1: wall-mounted-kasba-tea-light-holder-37099-p[ekm]233x349[ekm]

If it is spezial effect one is after, these wall mounted Kasba Tea Light holders will  definitely not disappoint £69,, 



Summer 15: Arti Multi Col Sofa 3851963 

If you are done with all neutral and in need of satisfying the artistic side within you, why not  go a bit colour mad and cover your sofa with this Grand Blotch Damask is great fun but don`t look at it for too long, otherwise your eyes will go all funny!, £120 per meter,


    Summer 15/1: Orange Lamps imgres

The Safavieh Gale Table Lamp adds that trendy colour spot to a room or is perfect for completing this popular seasonal color scheme, £119.99 (for a set of two lamps),



Summer 15: Green original_distressed-serpentine-fronted-vintage-sideboard

This Serpentine Fronted Vintage Sideboard is a beautiful piece of furniture sitting with ease among classic and contemporary interiors and accessories, £425,




Summer 15: Garden 4 poster bed 126359592 

For those, looking for a statement piece in the garden or pool area with a budget to match, this Tamsin Chinois Daybed is a beautiful but also very comfortable find which your guests will fight over!, $6.500,




Summer 15: Blue moorish stool ot_003 

This stylish hand-woven turquoise stool cover reminds me of my last trip to India when I saw and was admiering the stunning range of local Saris,




Summer 15/4: Turquoise Stool imgres-4

This ornate `Blue Medallion Garden Stool` is made of porcelain and a stylish side table perfect for smaller spaces, £104.07,




 Summer 15: Blue moorish cushion cu_5729   Summer 15: Red moorish cushions cu3382_j

These pretty cushions are perfect for creating your own Moroccan outdoor sitting area and great ones for mixing and matching,




Summer 15/1: Butterlys 6cff81ed2fd5fd02c6bfe5986e55231b_M




This blue Butterfly Glass Dome Set has been beautifully put together and is a very eye-catching accessory for stylish interiors, Modern Morphos, £225,



Summer 15/4: China Birds orn030_1


These birds are just perfect. They always look their best and don`t need feeding, £39, 



Summer 15: Blue rug palermo_ls

Palermo is a beautiful rug, skillfully created by artisans and available in different sizes (170 x 240cm and 200 x 300cm), from £355,




Summer 15: Metal/white top side table at1038 

I love this side table for its lightness and capacity to look good with most interior room schemes, £199,




 Summer 15: Red moorish ottoman ot-204  Summer 15: Stripe moorish cushion cu_5746C

I absolutely love this stool and cushion combination. Add these to an off-white sofa and you are half way to Marrakesh! Baibar Embroidered Stool and Anatolian Pom Pom III Cushion,




Summer 15: Morrish red rug catania_ls 

And if you are still lacking another red element in your sitting room, this quirky rug will fill the gap, Catania Rugs, from £355,




Summer 15: Multi Col outdoor Chairs 6142484-large 

Modern does not always mean minimalist and neutral. These outdoor chairs prove that you can still have some `contemporary` fun when furnishing your garden, Icpalli Garden Armchair £860, Side Table £210,




   Summer 15: Blue/red quirky outdoor table and chair NMH77CE_mk  Summer 15: Blue/red quirky outdoor sofa 134473477

For a bohemian lifestyle look, this colourful outdoor furniture provides a fun and wonderfully quirky place to sit and reflect on life,




Summer 15: white-metal-octagonal-coffee-table-wmct-3-m2 

Add some Moroccan magic with this `White Metal Moroccan Octagonal Coffee Table`. £930,




Summer 15: Garden chair with cover 132108245 

With this `Massoud Summer Garden Balloon Chair` you and your guests will be sitting very pretty, $3.199,




Summer 15: Grey Chest of Draws ta_03 

Whether you are aiming for a Moorish, French or Skandi look, the `Carved Chest` is a brilliant piece, which just works with everything,




Summer 15/: Outdoor Rugs imgres-2 

For those who are keen to create an outdoor living room, this solid-color outdoor rug collection by Manutti, is a brilliant way to cover up areas on your terrace which you would rather not see. The rugs can be custom made to the requested size, 



 Summer 15: Garden Gazebo Lux 7655CLR

If you are yearning for your own little luxury retreat in the garden, this Teak Weave Havana Hyacinth Cabana provides a very cosy and shady place to chill out, 




 Summer 15: Savannah Coffee Table s366419143856091046_p483_i6_w160

For those who are searching for a good size and substantial statement coffee table, look no further. This Belgian Slate Top Coffee Table is a unique piece and worth the investment, £1795, 




Summer 15: Outdoor sofa imagen1269m 

During my search for something with a difference, I came across this super stylish outdoor sofa...yes outdoor. It looks more like a designer indoor sofa and made my heart jump with joy. Kàbu is part of the outdoor collection by Javier Pastor,

   Summer 15: Moorish square side table NMH6EU4_ck

For lovers of Moroccan interiors, these outdoor side tables are a must have, $180, Moroccan Garden Stools,




 Summer 15: Garden House 7650LLR

Taking garden entertaining to a whole new level with the `High-Rise`! If there is not enough space to spread out with your outdoor sitting room, why not double up in the truest sense, 




  Summer 15: Garden Dome 3 gi0003frame       Summer 15: Garden Dome 1 gi0001      Summer 15: Garden Dome 2 gi0001ls3

These Garden Igloos come in a number of different specifications and are a very clever concept. From providing simple sun protection to creating an insulated dome usable all year round,



Summer 15/5: COUNTRY_TO_CITY

"Divine nature gave the fields, human art built the cities”
Marcus Terentius Varro 116BC-27BC

Another very talented local artist which caught my eyes is Emma Rose.  Emma specialises in contemporary, semi-abstract painting with an emphasis on colour and texture. Her style is distinctive, original yet diverse. Using Indian Inks and acrylics she produces vibrant and arresting work. She has a Gallery in the very picturesque village of Wellow just outside Bath but also exhibits her work in Bath.  Each work of art is accompanied by a poem. This work is called `Country To City`, £275,


Summer 15/4: Blue Candle Holder C Logo

It looks like a jewl in the crown for  a glamerous summer coffee table look, £105,




Summer 15/2: Turquoise fabric 5594473     Summer 15/2: Cushion 676511     Summer 15/2: White Paisly 241801

It is a lot of fun, playing with these very refreshing colours. They lend themselves perfectly to mixing and matching as they all work really well together, linen fabrics from £40 per meter, cushions from £30,



Summer 15: Fortnum Tea Set 253909 

Have your tea break in true and very stylish English fashion with the St James Tea for Two Set,




Summer 15: Turquoise Ikat barnaby_ottoman_lagoon_ikat_productpage_carousel_ 

For a spot of colour, I would go for the Barnaby Footstool, £119,




Summer 15: Aqua ceiling lights The-John-Lewis-Made-in-the-UK-award-Rothschi 

A very bright idea, this very summery display of ceiling lights. This is only one of a number of really stylish ceiling light creations, 



 Summer 15: Turquoise toile chair 3965935

This `London Toile Fabric` is a new and rather original take of the more traditional concept. It is a fun fabric lending itself well for covering furniture or as cushion fabrics,




Summer 15: Blue Ikat Lampshade la_5660B_DERB_14 

Sometimes, it takes just an eye-catching lamp shade such as this, to spruce up your interior in time for the summer season,



   Summer 15/1: Deckchair 1 url       Summer 15: Sun Lounger ROYA-1307-001-2_small

 Just 250 deckchairs of the Ronnie Wood design are available. If you manage to get your hands on one of those cool pieces, they`ll be rocking for years in your garden, Ronnie Wood Deckchair, £135,



 Summer 15/1: Turquoise Lamp images-1

Stylish and timeless is this lamp which comes in a number of colours, £132.99,



Summer 15/5: The_Azure_Realm_copy_thumb

"I beheld only the shoreless azure sea, all covered with a fine rippling of golden scales, and over-head an equally shoreless azure sea, and in it, triumphantly and, as it were, smilingly, rolled on the friendly sun".
(Ivan Turgenev)

For a calming and relaxing element in your living space, `The Azure Realm` would be one of my top artistic picks, £350,



Summer 15/2: Deckchair 8693372


Who wouldn`t love to relax in this gorgeous deckchair. Wether you need a new deckchair cover, are planning to re-vamp aspects of your living space, are in search for inspirational fabric ideas for a dress or just need some fun cushions to scatter around, Tashi Goldring has designed a fun and and inspiering fabric collection which looks fantastic, linen fabrics from £40, cushions from £30,



Summer 15/5: Spoon 2 IMG_1050          Summer 15/5: Spoons 1 IMG_1051

This clever company has re-vamped odd spoons and created very original hooks. Each piece is different and would look great in a country kitchen. This is made by Claire Mcdonald, a local artisan who can also supply custom made pieces. Claire also has a stall every other Sunday at the Bath Greenpark artisan market, 




Summer 15: Large-path-curtains 

I love this green/blue colour combination which reminds me of the great outdoors. These decorative fabrics will never quite go out of fashion,





Summer 15: Swoon Yellow storage box yulin_desert_productpage_carousel_1_tab 

The Yulin Storage Box Desert, is one of a number of storage boxes in different sizes and designs which for once, you don`t have to hide away, £119  




Summer 15: Paintspill cream chair 4006205 

This `Lemon Bleed Chair` brings a very refreshing element to most interiors and can easily squeeze into most spaces, £900,




 Summer 15: Green leafy curtains 4015133

Green leaves are having a huge revival and are this season’s must haves, so why not be bold and splash out on this leafy and colorful curtain and upholstery fabric, £135 per meter,



Summer 15/3: Swoon green chairs coco_apple_productpage_carousel_1_tablet_1


A great idea for relaxed outdoor seating, these chairs will blend in well with the greenary in your garden, Coco Outdoor Chairs Apple,  £349 for the set of 2 chairs,



 Summer 15/1: Green lamps imgres-1

This green retro lamp looks stunning with the leafy curtains or most nature inspired room schemes, £119.99 for a set of two lamps,




 Summer 15: Arti bird chairs 3975499

To add to the green nature loving interiors, this pair of `Bird Bleed Tub Chairs` works well as a wonderfully quirky element, £2,000 for the pair,




Summer 15/1: Plant Stand normal_vintage-look-iron-plant-stand 

This `Vintage Look Iron Plant Stand` can either hold a large plant pot or alternatively double up as a small side table, £250,




Summer 15/1: M&S Sofa __T39_3242B_J0__EC_SMALL_HARP_0 

 This sofa would sit very prettily in a conservatory,




Summer 15: Retro side table grey 1 amh6607b                         Summer 15: Retro side table white 2 amh6607a 

These eye-catching side tables look good in both colours, Safavie Layton Side Tables, £154.99,




Summer 15/1: Garden Serverware 30894109_000_b

Inject a bit of fun in your summer entertaining with this hand painted serverware inspired by nature, from £24.95,




Summer 15: Otdoor seating JL_OL06DPS_ARIEL_065 

Relax the stylish way with the John Lewis Ariel Outdoor Furniture range, from £175-£525,




 Summer 15: Blue/white geo table lamp 29

Fresh and graphic, the Safavieh Prim table lamp brings a refreshing touch of colour to transitional rooms, £132.99 (for a set of 2 lamps),




Summer 15: Blue/ivory moorish chairs ot_024 

You can be sure, that these unique `Japanese Slipper Chairs` will not go un-noticed and blend in beautifully with most types of furniture,

 Summer 15: Outdoor Sofa NMH7PQH_mk

No need to lose out on that luxurious look, when putting together your outdoor sitting room. The Harrison Vesper Four-Piece Outdoor Sectional takes outdoor seating to a new and very classy level! $9.365,


Summer 15/4: Cushion imgres-3

These embroided cushions add a touch of relaxed luxury to indoor or outdoor seating, Mini Arri Ikat Pillow Blue,  $185,



Summer 15/3: Armchair anita_oatmeal_productpage_carousel_1_tablet_1_1


I love the concept of using contemporary fabric on classic chairs, giving it a stylish yet relaxed look, Anita Armchair, £449,




Summer 15: garden-tables-2661478 

For a fantastic timeless look, my top of the picks is this luxury outdoor coffee table by Talenti (by Viva Lagoon), £546,




Summer 15: Outdoor Armchairs NMH64E9_ak 

Add these beautiful outdoor armchairs, and the deluxe look is complete, Outdoor Upholstered Chair, $1695,





 Summer 15: Outdoor anthrazit dining chairs palm01

While we are still going for the `all out` luxury outdoor living room experience, these quite unique Palm High Back Dining Chairs will certainly be the ultimate must have for al fresco dining, 





Summer 15: Zebra ceramic outdoor stool P15924497


For those who are more into the `Out of Africa` experience, this Zebra Leaf Porcelain Garden Stool might be the new favorite accessory for the outdoors, £104.07,




       Summer 15/1: Kartell Sofa images         Summer 15: White outdoor armchair ka2227_1

Kartell has come up trumps with another easy-on-the-eye outdoor armchair and sofa design which are available in a number of colors, from £404-£521





 Summer 15: Savannah mustard cushion s366419143856091046_p140_i1_w600

A perfect seasonal addition providing a spot of color, £48,




        Summer 15: Bone Chest mpa1296b-lr-ls-1

One of this season’s favourites is this pretty yellow chest, hand made in India, £1,295,




 Summer 15: Toile table cloth Large-table

A lovely example of how to use these fresh and zesty fabrics from Vanessa Arbuthnott,




 Summer 15/1: Lampshade 3872540

A very cool way to lighten up a bedroom, with this New York City Toile Lampshade, £189,



 Summer 15: Savannah Velvet Cushions s366419143856091046_p256_i1_w640

These antiqued velvet silk cushions by former textile designer for Galliano and McQueen, are pure luxury. Each cushion varies in colour and makes it quite unique, £148,



Summer 15/5: Peacock_Palace1

"For everything seemed resting on his nod, As they could read in all eyes. 
Now to them, Who were accustomed, as a sort of god, To see the sultan, rich in many a gem, 
Like an imperial peacock stalk abroad (That royal bird, whose tail's a diadem) 
With all the pomp of power, it was a doubt. How power could condescend to do without" - Lord Byron

The `Peacock Palace` is a wonderfully vibrant work of art, looking good in classic as well as contemporary interiors, £550,



 Summer 15: Arti curtains 4001515

This Graffiti Stripe Velvet Fabric would leave even Banksy green with envy! £150 per meter,




photo multi color shades and lamps

Summer 15: Multi col lampshades Screen-Shot-2015-01-16-at-10.57.39   Summer 15: Multi col lamps and shades Screen-Shot-2015-01-16-at-10.57.25 

Decisions, decisions.....which lamp and which shade? With this explosion of colours and so many gorgeous designs to choose from, it is impossible to go for just the one......I WANT THEM ALL!!



Summer 15/3: Swoon Cabinet laval_blue_productpage_carousel_1_tablet


This is a great piece of furniture if you have small children running round the house. If it does get a little knocked about or is getting the dirty hands treatment, it has the capacity to hide it well, Laval Cabinet, £399,



Summer 15/5: blue-hydrangeas_634

Another of Mary`s easy-on-the eye Still Life`s. There are a number to choose from but I particularly love the choice of colour,



 Summer 15: original_metal-dutch-cabinet      

Your children will love you forever if you treat them to one of those original Metal Dutch Cabinets. They are available in three different colours, £164 each,



 Summer 15: Garden stone shape coffee table 126359759

You may not want to leave a stone unturned in order to get your hands on one of these original outdoor coffee tables, Riverstone Outdoor Table, $825,





 Summer 15: Retro Geo Stool __T39_8015A_ZZ__EC_FTSL_POTS_0

A fun and funky piece of furniture for all retro lovers, Portia Footstool,



 Summer 15: Grey/green feather chest incredible-piece-of-furniture-FVSy7

A beautifully upcycled chest of draws injecting a fun element into a bedroom, Isabel Marant, UK, £380, 










SUMMER 15/ROOM 1: MULTI COL WALLPAPER 1c40d2de34c94f9d86206ee2e0ef9913




Summer 15 Room: Grey Basin 11152703_10152953520288402_8253003198030049611_n




Summer 15 Room: Grey/white outdoor area ideas 11021268_10152834372703402_30





Summer 15 Room: Hall Console area 11043247_10152852634158402_27322543700705




Summer 15 Room: Casual outdoor Seating 10995367_10152975133093402_306435056




Summer 15 Room: pretty-pastel-palettes_eetpr_4




Summer 15 Room: Blue Bedroom 10923330_10152825004313402_3421559745848871954




Summer 15/4: indoor-architecture-moroccan-interior-design-style-25 

Via / Design-Remond



Summer 15: Blue vases on dining table image_thumb16




Summer 15 Room: Green sitting room Jake-Curtis-house-3oct14_pr_b_639x426

Via Jake Curtis / Tom Palmer Studio / Farrow and Ball



Summer 15 Room: Dramatic wall - Kristin-Perers-3-tatler-10feb14_pr_b_426x63

 Via Kristin Perers / Anthropology



Summer 15 Room: Moorish outdoor seating area 10981218_10152850759853402_154




Summer 15/Room 1: Blue/Green leaf sitting room 10406497_10153000326403402_7




 Summer 15 Room: World Globe wallpaper cloak room AQNehtQymH-l




Summer 15 Room: Wall-Painting-Ideas-for-Living-Room-Images





Summer 15 Room: Green/ivory room CCdjTtzQ4VRl



  Summer 15 Room: Leafy sitting area 83e03b7d8e63a3ec13f451dd1243ed67



Summer 15 Room: Pastel Fabrics Spring Decor Interior Design Ideas Decorator




Summer 15 Room: Rachel-Whiting-1-easy-living-10jan14_pr_b_426x639




Summer 15 Room: Turquoise cloak room 11015116_10152824713913402_75564531195




Summer 15 Room: Blue sitting room Kristin-Perers-easy-living-28jan14_pr_b_4

Via Kristin Perers / Farrow & Ball



Summer 15/Room 1: Bathtub 11245473_10152992960103402_5125250412657587733_n




Summer 15 Room: Blue/White Room 956510f72488d3e30e4cbe4ec7f2ba58






















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