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Seasonal changes are always a good incentive to breathe new life into your interior. Autumn may display a lot of grey outside but this colour need not dominate your home; in fact, the new favourite is blue which is now proving a popular colour for all seasons.

My autumn blog is taking inspiration from different cultures and interior styles offering an interior cocktail with a little bit of spice.





Autumn 16: 00000 87-g 


When it comes to high quality panoramic landscape wallpapers, this French company is one of my favourite suppliers, Chinoiserie Griselle (200 x 250 cm), EUR 475,





Autumn 16: 000A wide-3 

Add a warm touch of colour to your living space with this lampshade made from sari fabric, (40cm shade), £150,





Autumn 16: 000 s-l400 

This is a very special find for use as a desk or console table, Chinese Chippendale Chinoiserie painted Console Hall Table, $1495, buckscounty via




Autumn 16: 00 4c0ff46b18b1a9cb86dadd5122f6c5dd 

The inspiration for the design of this fabric comes from a 17th century silk carpet from the Ningxia region in China, Enter the Dragons, Chinese Spice (2099/01),





Autumn 16: 0 IMG_0920 

You don’t need to have lived in China to appreciate this stunning and unique piece of furniture and art. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to add this fabulous 19th Century Chinese Bridal Bed to my blog. The owner bought it from a very reputable antiques dealer when she was living in Hong Kong. These beds are rare and hardly ever come up for sale. As one can see, it is very large and needs to live in a good sized room. It is an absolutely irresistible piece to own for anybody who is looking for something truly unique.  This could be the centrepiece for the most exquisite room scheme… House and Garden and World of Interiors here we come!!! The bed is currently fully assembled at the owner's property in Bath where potential buyers can view it. For enquiries please contact me on [email protected]





 Autumn 16: 1 Shanghai wallpaper by Scalamandre

Those who share my enthusiasm for the Chinese Bridal Bed, might also like this very pretty Chinese wallpaper, which is based on period paintings of Cathay, Shanghai,





Autumn 16: 1A wide-6 

This lampshade is another new and fab design produced and sold by one of my favourite companies. Samarkand Design sources predominantly sari and unique fabrics in India which are used for these very individual pieces. There are only a few shades of the same colour and design available so you can be sure, that you won’t see the same model in every other house, 60cm Old Gold Ikat Lampshade, £195,  







Autumn 16: 2 city-of-z-design-pair-of-red-50s-bamboo-chinoiserie-chair

This pair of vintage, red lacquered, Bamboo Chinese Chippendale Armchairs make a perfect match for traditional as well as contemporary interiors, $1800, city-of-z via (chairs can be shipped to the UK)





 Autumn 16: 4 Indoor-1-light-Heritage-Red-Table-Lamps-Set-of-2-18687cac

Team these lamps up with your oriental furniture for a perfect room scheme, £146.25 (set of 2 lamps), Safavieh via






Autumn 16: 5 il_570xN.713082429_4xpt 

Ikat designs have had a huge revival and are currently more popular than ever. This silk cushion has been hand dyed and handwoven, Ikat Pillow Cover Yellow Terra Cotta, £27.55, pillowme via




 Autumn 16: 6 HZH2671-700x700

Give your living space an autumnal touch with this stylish Petit Brown Velvet Love Seat, £892.50,




Autumn 16: 7 QTH039BRM-0_01-1 

Add some interest to a sofa or bed with this fab Lowndes Throw from Oka, £99,




Autumn 16: 8 30429906_004_b-1 

This super contemporary vintage-looking chair is one of my favourite autumn finds, Moresque Chair, £398, 

Autumn 16: 9 img_9899_1 

Entertain in style with this stylish sideboard adding a Moorish touch with its very eye-catching intricate carving, Marrakech Sideboard, £1495,





 Autumn 16: 9A il_570xN.1003954155_aofv

Treat yourself to this Turkish delight and jazz up your sofa with this quite unique vintage Kilim cushion made out of 1960s materials, Kurdish Sumac Pillow, £85.79, easternhandart via





 Autumn 16: 10 3758_7d4e5720e9-10ruf07900e97-w440

No need to compromise with quality or style when wearing this fab apron which is made of durable and beautiful leather, Fuego Apron, £120,


 Autumn 16: 11 navajo_tribal_cultural_storm_pattern_throw_cushion-r793683

If Turkish Kilims are not for you, why not get inspired by a different culture and treat yourself to this Navajo Tribal Cultural Storm Pattern Cushion, £30.95,




Autumn 16: 12 hg146356_2 

Why not use this super bench instead of dining chairs. It looks good with almost every interior style and could also double up as a hall bench, Poppy Dining Bench, $1195,




 Autumn 16: 13 18-ralph-lauren_rugs_flat-weave_SmallTile_4yvmw0t4

This Ralph Lauren rug introduces a touch of Wild West ranch chic to your interior,  Three Waters Rug,


 Autumn 16: 14 cayman_chest_elm_productpage_carousel_2_desktop_8

Store your belongings in style with this chest of drawers showing off a very eye-catching hand-carved pattern with nail headed lines and aged steel casing, Cayman Chest of Drawers, £499,





Autumn 16: 15 HCH84JH_au 

This Bergere Armchair has got my thumbs up in terms of design and colour which will look good just about anywhere, Mrs. Wasserman Bergere Chair, $2799,





 Autumn 16: 16 8VIowlpYMHHvJ6KWZG32xCABhYAyyka6DnZ0P1hDlqf4Zspu9ETv

These table stands offer you a choice of different tray table tops. If you can’t make up your mind which one to choose, why not get a selection, Notre Monde Tray Table Stand Small and Large, from £145 and Notre Monde Tile Driftwood Tray, from £72,





 Autumn 16: 17 custom_image

No need to compromise on style if you need to find a rug which takes some beating from messy children. This Calvin Klein rug will hide all sorts of sins and still look good, Luster Wash Rug / Chrome (122 x 183cm), £599, Calvin Klein via






 Autumn 16: 18 shopping

Make a statement with this distinctive handmade sideboard which will no doubt become a talking point next time you entertain your friends, Newton Sideboard, £689,





 Autumn 16: 19 Chaise-sculpture-un-arbre-en-automne-Joy-de-Rohan-Chabot-

Looking every inch like a throne of Titania, this hand-sculpted chair is the work of French artist Joy de Rohan Chabot, EUR 3000,

Autumn 16: 20 x2 shopping

Using a blend of old and new materials, this stool sits beautifully among contemporary as well as traditional furniture, Wallace Coffee Table/Ottoman, £1925,




Autumn 16: 20 x 3 Unknown

No need to panic any more when your visitors are about to arrive. Just chuck all the ‘bits and bobs’ which clutter up your room into these decorative storage boxes which are not just useful but also very easy on the eye, Tarara Box Files (set of 3), £44, 




 Autumn 16: 23 il_570xN.1046263158_4r1z

If you like to keep up with current trends, make sure your living space can feature something ‘vintage’ even if it is just a small yet impressive accessory like this Turkish overdyed rug cushion made from 1960s material, Patchwork Overdid Rug Pillow, £32.27, easternhandart via www.etsy.comAutumn 16: 24 explorer2 

‘Room or rather Chair with a View’. If you seat your guests on this chair, they might spend more time looking down their back rather than focusing on you though! Nature & Urban Landscape inspired Ski Furniture Collection by thecraftlab,





 Autumn 16: 25 il_570xN.867000979_ee1g

‘East meets East meets West’ with this unusual decorative cushion. The main cushion fabric is made of a vintage Kimono featuring an Indian hand beaded sari border piece plus an antique hand embroiled French trim. Beautifully put together it will provide a stunning feature on a chair or sofa, French Indian Japanese Pillow, £243, erinkellerhome via





Autumn 16: 22 6740

Add a touch of warmth and colour to your living space with this stunning Suzani Rug, Coquelicot Rug,






 Autumn 16: 26 Green-Pumpkin-Copper-Swing-glowtreeM

If you want to be different in a contemporary sort of way, forget your minimalist chair and opt for this Pumpkin King Swing instead.  It will be the envy of your interior-conscious inner circle who will be challenged to find something to top this model. It does come at a price but if you do have the cash to splash it might just be worth every penny! Pumpkin King Returns With a Robe, £ 40,000 (+ VAT),




 Autumn 16: 29 tretchikoff-lamshades

If you can’t quite justify blowing your monthly salary on a pricy Pumpkin Seat or Velvet Armchair, there are more reasonable ways to add a statement piece to your living space. Turn your lamps into a piece of art with these lampshades, featuring prints of the iconic portraits of Vladimir Tretchikoff, Tretchikoff Lamp Shades, £80 each,





 Autumn 16: 30 il_570xN.787141408_f7pe

This is another example how a decorative but average chair can be turned into something special. This pretty deep purple velvet 1950s inspired chair features a beautiful vintage hand embroidered silk suzani border, 1950s French Cocktail Chair, £489,  heerfurniture via



 Autumn 16:31 carly-230x230

This company is a favourite of mine. It produces very artistic and unusual cushions and fabrics,





 Autumn 16: 32 P_25900312_2031297

I am a great fan of the quirky and ‘off the beaten track’ designs by Fornasetti. His furniture and accessories never fail to impress and will always become the centre of attention when entertaining your guests, Fornasetti Chair Moro Moor Red Drape, $4690,






Autumn 16: 32A wide-1 

This decorative lampshade happens to work rather well over the pumpkin season but should certainly be here to stay, 30cm Pale Blue & Black & Ochre Lampshade, £130,





 Autumn 16: 35 1b1ee6_c1e7e7243715451489c7693e256ba8ee

Don’t get too spooked by these birds which will no doubt keep a beady eye on their owner, “Crow Patrol” - Beau Cushion, £99,





 Autumn 16: 37 TYM0241

This is one of my top picks among display cabinets. You don’t even have to put anything inside to enjoy looking at it, Etalage Black Display Cabinet, £1565,





Autumn 16: 38 38266870_059_b14 

This very stylish sofa covered in Ikat fabric is further proof of how ancient designs can pair up with contemporary furniture, Stretched Ikat Mina Sofa,






Autumn 16: 39 HCH6J9X_mu 

This fireplace screen is super stylish and will look good whether placed in front of a contemporary or traditional fireplace, Button Fireplace Screen, $495, (ships worldwide)





 Autumn 16: 40 6thjuly3240

Take a break from monochrome lampshades and treat yourself to this super Ikat lampshade with its striking zig-zag pattern, 30cm straight empire printed linen shade in black zig-zag, £55,

 Autumn 16: 41 FRARVE-030

You don’t have to immerse yourself in the horsey world to enjoy and appreciate this set of Murano glasses. For those who love entertaining and have a bit of cash to splash these hand crafted Murano wine glasses by the famous Venetian glass master Dario Frare should really be top of the shopping list. The glasses are part of the Horse Collection by Frare Lavorazioni Artistiche, EUR 2200 (set of 6 Horse Murano Glasses),






 Autumn 16: 41A wide-5

This is another top pick produced by one of my favourite lampshade companies which never fails to come up with new and unique designs, 30cm Pale Blue & Black on White Lampshade, £130,






 Autumn 16: 42 P_H0904_2440673

This is another stunning example of Fornasetti’s works of art. His furniture never fails to look good and provide a stunning feature for any interior, (item No: 631.722.3733),




 Autumn 16: 43 il_570xN.929206986_e4wj

Inject some interest and life into your minimalist sofa with this handwoven silk velvet Ikat cushion, Black Ikat Pillow Cover, £54.31, pillowme via





 Autumn 16: 44 block-print-rug-55621-p

For those with a soft spot for bohemian interiors, this hand block printed rug is a good starting point, (120 x 180cm), Block Print Rug, £80,






Autumn 16: 45 HCH84J1_bu 

For those in search of a stylish side table, look no further! This table works well with most interiors and just looks good, Blake Glass-Top Side Table, $799, (international shipping)






Autumn 16: 46 +1 modern-armchairs-and-accent-chairs

If your monochrome living space is in need of a little bit of pattern and colour without overdoing it, I would go for this armchair upholstered in natural handwoven jute with its striking geometric design, Rega Armchair & Ottoman, £899,






 Autumn 16: 47 wide-6

This lovely set of lamp shade and base have an almost ghostly appearance and adapt very well to most interiors,






 Autumn 16: 48 Design-Theatre

If theatre tickets are sold out yet again, stay at home, put this wallpaper up and listen to your favourite play while admiring the view! Illustrated Theatre Wall Mural, from £25,





 Autumn 16: 50 HC-4T04_mu

These side tables are unique. The tables feature figural pedestals reminiscent of museum artefacts and are made of iron with a painted bronze finish, Manvel Side Table, $799, (international shipping)





       Autumn 16: Last 1 dc_img_2695_kai_kristiansen_-_catarina_ikat_black            Autumn 16: 51 catarina_ikat_large_cushion_-_black_-_web

Whether you like to cover your chairs, lamp shades or cushions in this stunning fabric, it can all be done and supplied by this London-based company whose focus is on well-crafted artisan textiles creating statement pieces. This duo definitely has an eye for and on design, Catarina Ikat Fabric,





Autumn 16: 53 3-Ecco-Trading-Shagreen-Leather-Tray-Table 

These tables are an absolute ‘must have’ for a classy contemporary bedroom, London Interiors Shagreen leather Tray Table, £790 (per table),






Autumn 16: 57 x1 antique-panel-mirror-triple-o

For a feature on the wall, this antiqued panel mirror with its smoky finish is a brilliant choice, Antique Panel Mirror - Triple, £349.51,






Autumn 16: 56 HCH7XAU_mu 

I am always on the look-out for coffee tables with a difference. This table certainly fits into this bracket, Waverly Coffee Table, $1499,  (international shipping)





Autumn 16: 58 1037 

This is a perfect choice if you need a rug for your minimalist living space. The slightly vintage look and irregular colouring bring the entire space to life, Alaska Rug (200 x 300cm),





Autumn 16: 60 charlesconblurecpin1_small 

For those who love the vintage look, this is an absolute ‘must have’ piece of furniture,  Charles Cabinet, £499,





 Autumn 16: 60A 3301-Vintage-Kokosh-Rug-Tie-Dyed-294x398cm_820_600_s

Being the ‘height of interior fashion’ at the moment, there are plenty of overdyed rugs on offer. Browsing through the jungle of similar rugs, this one has scored high on colour, design and quality, Overdyed Rug,





 Autumn 16: 61 Main-Lexington-Oval-main

If you want to but don’t quite dare to introduce a touch of colour to your neutral room scheme, this stylish coffee table will come to the rescue. Although featuring a neutral top, the frame and legs add just that little touch of fun and colour, Lexington Coffee Table,







 Autumn 16: 62 Template-2

No, it’s not an artist being creative or sitting in the clouds! Ultimately it is, what you want it to be and will certainly get the creative juices going, Ink Blot Watercolour Paint Wallpaper Mural, from £25,





 Autumn 16: 63 il_570xN.1097492989_to4d

This lovely blue/beige Suzani cushion design is bang on trend and lends itself perfectly well as a touch of something new in and around your home, Suzani Embroidery Pillow, £45.36, ZozanRugs via





 Autumn 16: 63A skh13tapet2

If you can’t get to Venice, bring Venice to you with this fun and very trendy wallpaper, Frontier Gondola 89/8032,





 Autumn 16: 64 fabric-vintage-armchair-in-blue-joyce-500-2-20-155943_1

For those who are still looking for an on-trend and stylish occasional chair, which does not require a small mortgage to buy, this indigo blue velvet-look chair is an front runner, Joyce Fabric Vintage Armchair in blue, £269.90,





 Autumn 16: 65 21_large

Although a classic design, this wallpaper looks equally good with contemporary furniture, Savages De La Mer Pacifique (Ref. 2191),





 Autumn 16: 66 4050_78aacc3c6c-23ter07000g22-w440

These earthy colours bring a good dose of autumn spirit into your house, Terrace Cushion Cover (light granite grey), £37.50,





Autumn 16: 67 HCH8RYZ_mu 

For the design conscious who love all things minimalist and are keen to go with the latest products and colours, this bench covered in navy leather is an absolute must-have, Toma Crocodile-Embossed Bench, $1999, (international shipping)






Autumn 16: 69 mb1-300x397 

Be bold and defy the monochrome trend with this inspirational fabric design which works beautifully on furniture as well as curtains,





 Autumn 16: 70 267.Study-O-Portable-_-Fuzz-Slice-Table-(small)-_-2015

This is not just your average occasional table; it is more like a piece of art and something you can appreciate in your own four walls, Bronze and Jesmonite Table ‘Fuzz Slice’ by Study O Portable, £8400,





 Autumn 16: 78 x1 P1060962-1

Small But Beautiful is a shop here in Bath which sells not only gorgeous fabrics with personalised colour combinations made to order, but also offers a stunning range of sumptuous velvet geometric and Moorish cushions and bedcovers, Reversible Velvet Linen Throw, £110, 







Autumn 16: 72 1soho-hotel

Via: Soho Hotel: Bedhead covered in Arumfellow fabric




Autumn 16: 73 Home-Decor-Trend-The-Blue-Velvet-1





Autumn 16: 74 2115608-house-30mar15_SimonBrown_b_640x960





Autumn 16: 75 geodes

Via: -  'Six Design Trands For 2016 / geodes dddabfcf




Autumn 16: 76 Chic-interior-design-trends-2014-gallery 





Autumn 16: 77 1436474726-e72388f3b3a7b1ec24999d90f90f4c9e





Autumn 16: 78 fall-colors-room-decor-inspiration-04





Autumn 16: 79 e3f29f1c281b033787116d1f1620a57c

Via: Designers Amy and Todd Hase's Hamptons home / Roger Davis




Autumn 16: 80 fantasy18

Via: Mural painting by Michael Dillon,





Autumn 16: 81 2016-design-predictions-03

Via: AD





Autumn 16: 82 The-City-Sage

Via: H&G, May 2016, page 85















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