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Spruce up your interior for the festive and coldest season of the year. This is the one occasion when you can indulge and treat yourself to a few useful and some not not quite so useful new additions to your home. 




 Christmas 2016: New Bauble christmas-glyndebourne-bauble-low__36787.14743

Dress to impress and slip this little number on your tree …. it will be the talk of the turkey dinner! Glyndebourne Architectural Christmas Bauble by Halcyon Days, £40,





 Christmas 16: 1 7553444700003_070_b

Add a warm glow to your room with this stunning selection of different size Lanterns, Tantallon Lantern, from £6.00-£88.00,


 Christmas 2016: Latest Suzani il_570xN.1072569290_hjq2

If in need of some colour in your home .... and not just during the festive season, this stunning extra wide hand embroided Suzani Bolster Cushion will breath new life into your living space, Suzani Embroided Decorative Bolster Pillow, £89.84 (120cm x 45cm), DecorIkatPillows via





Christmas 16: 2 BAZ102GOL-0_L 

Create a show stopping centrepiece with this decorative metal urn, £125,




 Christmas 16: 3 40285660_027_b10

A perfect addition to a festive dinner table, Boreal Forest Juice Glass, £12 each,





Christmas 2016: Dogs proxy

These Golden Retrievers are a perfect treat for dog lovers and keep the logs perfectly in place, Ken Fulk Retriever Andirons, £234.12, (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 5 wide

Avoid a complete blackout with this very stylish lampshade, 40cm Black with Pink Palu Lampshade, £150,





Christmas 2016: Bauble img-thing

Inject some colourful glamour to your tree with these pretty baubles, Etched Mercury Glass Ornaments, Red Onion, £7.05,   (international shipping)





Christmas 16: 7 il_570xN.1062324940_ka8y 

A very stylish alternative to the more traditional version made of black cockerel feather with 12 bore gun cartridges, £50, SomersetFeatherCo via





Christmas 16: 8 374_0 

Get into the Christmas spirit with this beautifully crafted double light arch, Ratags Double Light Arch Pitman, EUR 264, (international shipping)





Christmas 2016: Monogram Soap 3f4035266738e368cd053bf47c5d9090

If you are agonising over what to give those who have absolutely everything, this soap set with personalised initials is coming to the rescue, Williams-Sonoma Home Monogrammed Oval Soaps (Set of 3), £46.07,   (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 10 il_570xN.973796120_5i97

Create an eye-catching feature with this Large tapestry bolster cushion, Large Bolster Cushion made from a needlepoint tapestry of Venus at her mirror (100cm x 45cm), £125, eclecticchair via





Christmas 2016: Ribbon il_570xN.1012464044_96zz 

Finish of a cushion or wrap a present for someone very special with this gorgeous woven ribbon from Uzbekistan, Uzbek cotton woven dark red-green ribbon, £8.29 (for approx 5.5 - 6 yards), businka34 via





Christmas 16: 10A IMG_7922-510x484 

For a cozy winter look, this lampshade is a perfect match, Green Crisscross Lampshade,




Christmas 2016: Long Suzani il_570xN.1029378904_eypj 

Although it is supposed to be a table runner, quite frankly this piece of handembroided craftsmanship would equally be a lovely choice if you like to create a fun and colourful feature on your wall....could also be mounted and  framed for addition impact, Silk  embroided Table Runner from Uzbekistan, £273.60 (26"x 65"),  Rumirugsandtextiles  via




Christmas 16: 11 Metal-Art-Candlestick-FOUS2512 

For a festive table setting, these candlesticks are an absolute must have, Metal Art Candlestick by House Additions, Sale at £27.32,



Christmas 16: 12 il_570xN.1085870094_1yk3 

These Suzani cushions from Uzbekistan are one of my top picks if you are in need of sprucing up your sofas or chairs, Green Decorative Suzani Pillow, £48.58 (worldwide shipping), DecorIkatPillows via




Christmas 2016: Very Latest Mirror a_t_belmont_house_203_of_210_ 

For a slightly more minimalist look without missing out on the glamour effect, this wall mirror is a great choice, Tribeca Triple Wall Mirror - Antique Copper, £199, Christmas 16: 14 LSEMP230LIKHER_OFF

Create a warm glow to your living space with this Ikat shade, 30cm Empire Linen Ikat Shade Heraldic, £55,





 Christmas 16: 15 il_570xN.941552932_8p8y

Wether it is used as a bedcover or wallhanging, this beautiful Uzbek handmade silk suzani embroidery will provides a very eye-catching focal point, Handmade Silk Embroidery Suzani On Green a7927, £210.53, easttreasures via





 Christmas 16: 16 kaufhaus_artikel_xbild_12578

Suspend this beautiful Pyramid from your ceiling for a truly festive atmosphere, Deckenpyramide Wald, EUR 410, (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 16A IMG_7944-400x400

Go for the cozy look with this pretty lampshade, Kelmi Red Lampshade, £285,





Christmas 16: 17 il_570xN.933237412_c3ir 

For just a touch of winter warmth on your sofas, this velvet cushion is a brilliant choice for that seasonal touch, Green Black Red Velvet Ikat Cushion, £59.03, pillow via





 Christmas 16: 18 HCH8FK0_mu

For those who are still on the look-out for something decorative on their table or mantlepiece, this eye-catching Pine Tree Topiary will sit very pretty on any surface, MacKenzie-Childs Pine Tree Topiary, $125,   (international shipping)





Christmas 16: 19 il_570xN.530116517_juhs

Add some festive glamour to your interior with this silk hand embroided cushion (49cm x 49cm), Red Suzani Pillow Cover, £99.84, pillowme via




Christmas 16: 20 butterfly-side

No need to get any butterflies in your stomach if you treat yourself to this rather glamorous side table, Gold Butterfly Side Table, £225,





Christmas 16: 21 il_570xN.442643713_dzd2

Be brave and go for a bit of luxury with this beautiful embroided fabric,  Applique Suzani Medallions Toile Fabric (3.5 Yards), £283.09, elegantfabrics1 via






 Christmas 16: 22 gbx8606-tealight

Treat yourselves to a very special candle lit dinner with this unusual teal light holder, Gold Multi Tea Light Holder, £45,




 Christmas 16: 23 myg7004-samba-rug_1

Be one of a few who can enjoy stepping across this very decorative rug, Samba Rug (274cm x 183cm), £1495,




 Christmas 16: 24 il_570xN.1075979025_tp71

Not just for the festive season but here to stay is this pretty cushion cover, Pillow Cover /2, £55.87, Rumirugsandtextiles via




Christmas 2016: Latest Tree feather-tree-and-peacocks-226x226 

For a perfect decorative addition to a mantlepiece or dinner table go for this feather tree, Green Glitter Feather Christmas Tree, £18.95,





 Christmas 16: 26 star-cow-hide-rug

If you are in desperate need for some bling in your home, this gold leafed and natural leather cow hide rug is an absolute Must Have! Gold Star Cowhide Rug (120cm x 180cm), £329,




 Christmas 2016: New Agate Unknown

Using natural stones in various shapes or forms is very much the current trend and looks fab as part of this table lamp, Agate Table Light, £95,




 Christmas 2016: Rug medallion-flatweave-rug-black-j-1          Christmas 2016: Very Latest medallion-flatweave-rug-black-2-t

Inject a playful element to your floor with this very decorative hand loomed cotton rug,  Medallion Flatware Rug Black, from £935.52,   (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 29 IMG_6591_l

Create an impressive wall feature with these Bagues style vintage two arm gilt and rock crystal sconces, Vintage Bagues Style Two-Arm Rock Crystal Bird Parrot Jansen Sconces, £4349.65, (Dealer Ref No.: SC554)   (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 29A HCH761C_mu

Should you need additional seating over the Christmas period and beyond why not do it in style with this natural Goat hide stool, Wildwood Stool, $899,    (international shipping)




 Christmas 16: 30A Unknown

If you need to put some guests up on your sofa bed offer some privacy with this stunning paravent or just use it to hide things behind it which you do not always want to look at, Paravent Haussmann, - for queries and orders please contact me on [email protected]  (international shipping)





Christmas 16: 30AA bout-de-canape-nilleq-helka1 

Resembling an oversized ice cube this stunning and very original acrylic side table captures the interesting features of a wooden branch, Bout de Canape Nilleq Hekla,   (international shipping)




Christmas 2016: Latest Chair mina-print-constantin-mdy3860     

Sit back and relax in style with this mid century looking chair with a distinct Berber pattern finish, Mina Print Constantin Armchair, £650,




 Christmas 16: 32 39327267_004_b

Enjoy the outdoors indoors with this unusual sideaboard,





      Christmas 2016: New Storage il_570xN.1054791568_m8sm

Keep your belongings stored without having to hide them in a dark corner of the house with this good looking large basket, Storage Basket in King Size, £177.14, africanbaskets via





Christmas 16: 33 201608070829570

Add some festive spirit to your dinner table with these place mats in gold and silver, Stag Gold / Silver Placemat, £12 each,




Christmas 2016: Sonoma Cushion img80t 

You can stay neutral and still add festive glamour to your interior with these linen/velvet cushions,  Ottoman Floral Velvet Applique Lumbar Pillow, £94.01 (Sales Price),   (international shipping)




Christmas 16: 35 UAM060BGE-0_01 

For the chic chalet/winter look, this chair is an absolute must-have, Mercian Goat Hair Armchair, £545,





 Christmas 16: 35A il_570xN.1077556080_qhnw

Warm colours in a cold climate makes this storage basket a useful and eye-catching addition to your household, XXL Large African Laundry Basket, £225.67, africanbaskets via





Christmas 16: 36A HC-67KK_mu 

This is a great find for those lovers of all shaggy furniture. Being just a bit different from the usual  ‘crowd’ they look fantastic in any interior wether a mountain chalet or a contemporary city pad, Massoud Alala 40”L Sheepskin Bench, $1511.20 (Sales Price),   (international shipping)




 Christmas 16: 36B Tretchikoff-SWAZI-GIRL-Cushion-50-cm-x-50

The fabulous face and interesting use of warm earthy colours on this cushion will provide a unique feature on any seating area, Tretchikoff ‘Swazi Girl’ Cushion, £65,




 Christmas 16: 37 31604804_095_b

For an additional injection of warm, inviting hues, this rug would provide a cozy cover for any type of flooring, Woven Konak Rug (different sizes), from £48,





 Christmas 16: 38 il_570xN.998785561_581w

Transform your entrance door with this large and beautifully put together wreath, Pheasant Feather Wreath, £35, SomersetFeatherCo via





 Christmas 16: 39 HCH70WG_mu

Relax in this super stylish leather chair with a higher than usual back, Oak Leather Chair, $1039.20 (Sales Price),   (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 40 6740

This thick hand knotted pile carped from Nepal is my top pick for cozy winter flooring, Coquelicot Rug, $1319,   (international shipping)





 Christmas 16: 40A HCH8CXL_mu

For a perfect mantelpiece ornament, these wood finials provide a great feature, Wood Finials (3-Piece Set), $275,   (international shipping)




Christmas 2016: Bambi Cushion il_570xN.1068976733_8q33 




 Christmas 16: 41 HCH6JGU_mk

There is always need of occasional seating for extra guests, so why not do it in style with this leather stool, Warona Leather Bench, $699,   (international shipping)





Christmas 16: 42 trompe-l-oeil-vasi-antiche-umbrella-stand-902800 

This is also the time for getting umbrellas out so why not create a feature and keep them handy in this very unique umbrella stand, Fornasetti Trompe l’oeil Vasi Antiche Umbrella Stand, £1050,


 Christmas 16: 43 icon-products-liberty-s

Chill out after a busy festive season on this very inviting vintage with a contemporary twist looking cowhide sofa, Liberty Sofa (Low Back),





Christmas 16: 43A il_570xN.1094941340_l545

Out of Africa comes to your home with this very decorative basket which is produced in Zimbabwe, Medium Handmade Binga Basket-ZB145, £25, HuckleberryBaskets via







Christmas 16: 44 diy-garland-ideas-102770790





Christmas 16: 45 tumblr_np6yo8rbUQ1thfeewo1_1280





Christmas 16: 46 Wilson-House-Tour-December-2016-Homes-Gardens-9





Christmas 16: 47 Wilson-House-Tour-December-2016-Homes-Gardens





Christmas 16: 48 b0121545_8592159





 Christmas 2016: H&G 15380365_10154618110736011_644422494745709238_n

Via: Homes & Gardens Facebook




Christmas 16: 49 892873612acc15a1598f7c19dad29081





Christmas 2016: H&G 15181183_10154588561816011_4410675138657958397_n 





Christmas 16: 50 Rachel-Whiting-easy-living-28feb14_pr_bt_646x646





Christmas 16: 51 96827460709240504_HzXPDm8Y_c





Christmas 2016: H&G Red 15380772_10154615479371011_2432284292747320227_n

Via: Homes & Gardens Facebook




Christmas 2016: Hallway 25qual-intheair-custom13


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