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As the shops are fully geared up for Christmas with their displays of decorations and gifts, I thought it was time for me to go window shopping on your behalf and pick out some festive, eye-catching, stylish and quirky gifts, decorations and furniture to lend a helping hand with the pre Christmas preparations.





Christmas 17: 0 ttsf_red_web__57629.1412886476.800.800




For those who are based in the US, this ceiling light is and absolute find and no doubt hard to resist. Handmade and finished by artisans in LA, it comes in a number of colours and sizes, The Tole Tent Semi Flush ceiling Light, $1575,




Christmas 17: 1 folk_art_painted_box_bench_main 

Inject some colour into your country house or chalet with this antique bench, which comes from a Transylvanian village.  Antique Folk Art Painted Bench, £750,





Christmas 17: 2 CM-heraldic-slider3 

Treat someone close to you to a unique present with these bespoke tablemats or coasters. Whether you like to feature the family crest, a sporting activity or your own creation, you can be sure that you won’t see the same anywhere else, Bespoke Table Mats & Coasters,




 Christmas 2017: New Wall Sconce 24909646_1771346549577176_61190834486353064

For some festive addition to your Christmas dinner, this wall sconce is stunning and one of my top picks, £30,




Christmas 17: 3 Cheskie_0177_1600x


Sourced from remote parts of the world are Cheskie’s gorgeous products. This Merino Wool hand embroidered shawl, would make an absolutely super present and not just for Christmas! Risapa Shawl, (Size - 100cm  x 230cm), £105,




Christmas 2017: Green_P2_F_clipped_rev_1_clipped_rev_1

Not surprisingly, marbled paper products have recently seen a revival as they look fantastic and blend into different interior schemes without being boaring. I have come accross this lovely company offering bespoke shades of different shapes and sizes with a very good selection of colours, Hand Marbled Paper Lampshades,




Christmas 17: 5 085_059__87835.1508171902.1280.1280 

Having been brought up surrounded by wonderful German Christmas figurines and candle pyramids beautifully made out of wood, I just can’t resist browsing through and featuring at least one model which caught my eye, Christmas German Pyramid White Color Carousel 3 Level (PYD085X059), $278.99,





Christmas 17: 6 QCH356MLT-0_01 

Absolutely love these Venetian-inspired hand-made extra large cushions, which inject a wonderful spot of colour on sofas and chairs, Dandolo Cushion Cover, Extra Large, £56,







Christmas 17: 7 lacqlamp141016 

Create a colourful display with these decorative lamps, Wooden Lacquer Lamp bases, from £39,






Christmas 17: 8 il_570xN.1078254813_lqmg 

This vintage Suzani cover would look lovely on a bed or even as a wall hanging, Uzbek Suzani, £137.68, Rumirqugsandtextiles via


Christmas 17: 9 DOF-2193060 

Add some finishing touches to a perfect festive dinner table with these pretty tumblers, Williams Sonoma Regency Garnet Tumblers, £70 (set of 4),




Christmas 17: 10 QCH361MLT-0_01 

For those with a taste of the orient, this Arabian-inspired cushion brings a festive feel to your living space, which works all year round, Badu Cushion Cover, Large, £64,





Christmas 17: 11 joshua-lumley-contemporary-White side detail - door 1_m 

You will have stars in your eyes if you treat your interior with this wool rug, which comes in different sizes, Red Double-Sided Star Rug, from £400,





Christmas 2017: livemarchbrae_culinaryconcepts_culinaryconceptsthreepheasan 

These decorative candle pins are perfect as a gift or to inject some life into neutral candles, from £12.50 for a box set of 3,

Christmas 17: 12 red_carlotta

This cushion features such a pretty pattern; I could not resist adding it to my blog. Just in case red is not your favourite, it comes in three different colour ways, Carlotta cotton cushion 40 x 60cm, $350, Madeline Weinrib





Christmas 17: 13 the-count-cabinet-library-display-vanillanoir 

For those who are into designer furniture and have the cash to splash, this display book cabinet produced by hand with antique Indian inlay technique and two hidden drawers could certainly be the match for you, The Count Library by Matteo Cibic, EURO 17.100,




Christmas 2017: 01111 1036570_View_1-1  

Cracker box sets are always a must on a Christmas blog. Given the vast choice on the market, it is hard to select something very special or eye-catching. I did rather fall in love with this gorgeous design, which brings a touch of magic to the Christmas table, Nutcracker Christmas Set, £18.50 (set of 6),



 Christmas 2017: Mirror 24862175_1771328816245616_1438305962104047845_n

This is not just a mirror but a very decorative and eye catching feature, Khadra Mirror, £435,




Christmas 17: 15A paolo-velvet-bedspread-in-emerald_1_1

Add that luxury feel to your bed with this stunning emerald green bed spread made of the softest velvet with a quilted surface and little pockets separated by hand-embroidered dots, Pluspious Velvet Emerald Green Bedspread, £320,




Christmas 17: 15A 01000186_-_1 

The embodiment of French luxury, this Cire Trudon scented candle is made from 100% natural wax encased in a beautiful hand-blown green glass vessel, Cire Trudon Ciel Scented Candle, £78,



Christmas 17: 16 000561438-R163752006-2 

This stylish lampshade from Melodi Horne will not only transform your table lamp in time for the festive season but is a piece for all seasons, Melodi Horne Ikat Love Lampshade, £395,




Christmas 17: 17 58247c4ad98c1_large 

You can be sure that Volga Linen products will always be of superior quality, timeless and stylish as reflected in this gorgeous throw, Merino Wool and Linen Throw, £334,




 Christmas 17: 17A 00104717_1

One of a kind is this handcrafted Moroccan mottled green bowl, perfect to dish up your food in style, Tamegroute Ceramic Salad Bowl Zigzag, £47.50,





Christmas 17: 19A VLD073CRM-0_LS1 

Add some festive light to your chalet or country house style dinner table with these faux antler hurricane lamps, Cornamenta Hurricane Lamp, £46,


Christmas 17: 20 QCH331MLT-0_01 

Add a cosy feel to your sofas with these Peruvian-inspired cushion covers. Given the size, you only need one to make an impact, Cuzco Bolster Cushion Cover (90 x 35cm), £125,





Christmas 17: 21 disco-oli-2 

This lamp base comes in a very pretty green, which will look good throughout every season. The shade is available separately, Disco Table Lamp in polished olive acrylic, £80,




Christ 17: 22 41NrslC1HwL 

If your children’s bedrooms are crying out for some colour this red hand crafted cabinet with four mirrored inserts is a super choice of a bedside table, Red Wooden Cabinet with 1 Drawer and 1 Door, £127.94,





Christmas 17: 23 il_570xN.1217528093_appb 

Give your floor a nice treat with this vintage flat weave wool and linen rug, HI/IH Flat Weave Rolakan carpet (225 x 168cm), £1.028.91, BergGallery via





Christmas 17: 24 42701904_032_b 

No need to compromise on style for office furniture as is proof with this gorgeous dark green velvet swivel chair, Elowen Swivel Chair (available in other colours), £498,





Christmas 17: 26 2149451_3 

The countdown to Christmas will be even more exciting with this wooden musical advent calendar. On opening each door, a different Christmas tune will play. There is also enough space behind them, allowing you to add some small treats, Fortnum’s Musical Advent Calendar, £165,






Christmas 17: 27 original_blue_painted_mirror_and_frame_main 

‘From Russia with love’ is this stunning vintage mirror set in a magnificent house surround from a late 19th century country house in Russia, Original Blue Painted Mirror and Frame / SKU:MRJC2016 (H 193cm, W 118cm, D 20cm), £650,




 Christmas 17: 29/D 1500269259-88632700 

These chairs very much reflect the current colour trend for blues and greens and are a super choice for adding some colour to your living space, Green/Blue Curve Chair, £934,





 Christmas 17: 30 large-set-of-3-vibrant-leaf-print-side-tables-2

Complete the look of your blue/green colour scheme and add a rather eye-catching set of side tables which will certainly not go unnoticed, Set of 3 Vibrant Leaf Print Side Tables, £179, www.turnbullandthomas,





Christmas 17: 31 image_thumb[372] 

This gorgeous velvet sofa is an absolute stunner; not just the colour but also its shape and it adds a lovely touch of glamour to your sitting room, Uppark, £6,836,





Christmas 17: 32 TLLTA098CEREME_LIFESTYLE_OFF_1 

Both lamp base and shade are designed by one of my favourite lighting companies. From neutral colours to imaginative patterns, they offer something for every interior. Lamp base and shade are sold separately, Lolita bedside lamp £90 (just the lamp base),




 Christmas 17: 32/D sheepskin-beanbagwht_1

Snuggle up in style in front of the fireplace or TV with this very cosy real sheepskin bean bag, Sheepskin Bean Bag - Cream, £245,





 Christmas 17: 34 42796300_041_b

As a lover of the current Ikat trend, one of my top picks has to be this super stylish handcrafted bone inlay dresser which features a wonderful mix of ‘old and new’ and will work well with most interior styles, Ikat Inlay Three-Drawer Dresser, £1,598,




Christmas 17: 35 ayy2872 

Create atmospheric lighting and a feature on your walls with this decorative and unusual wall light, Aate Wall Light, £89,




Christmas 17: 36 TIM71454STDF_1_Large 

Take a walk on the ‘wild side’ and add an interesting feature to your dining room with this faded and degraded velvet dining chair collection. As each chair is unique, the pattern may vary, Timothy Oulton Mimi Velvet Faded and Degraded Dining Chair / Melted Paisley, £305,





Christmas 17: 37 product_a_l_alaskanath-300x300 

This stunning velvet Pom-Pom throw will make your bed look like ‘a million dollars’! It comes in three different colours, Pom-Pom Throw, £210,





Christmas 17: 38 il_570xN.1205384907_82rn 

Add some Scandinavian touch to your interior with this vintage Swedish Arts and Crafts rug, Ingegerd Silow Swedish Vintage Flat Weave Rug or Rya, £1,895, DanelawVintage via





 Christmas 17: 39 ornate-gold-tall-tray-shelves-54587-p

Whether it carries plants, decorative accessories or fruit, this tall tray is hugely versatile and will look stunning wherever you decide to put it, Ornate Gold Tall Tray Shelves, £99,





Christmas 17: 40 smart_antique_bench_in_pale_grey_main 

This late 19th century Romanian bench is so versatile, it looks absolutely super in a hall as well as a kitchen or dining area, Smart Antique Bench in Pale Grey, £490,




Christmas 17: 41 rockettstgeorge_square_tray_enamel_nesting_tables_set_o 

Featuring a choice of warm colours, this set of nesting tables will add a contemporary, edgy twist to your living space, Square Tray Enamel Nesting Tables Set of 3 Copper/Brass/Nickel, £225,





Christmas 17: 42 07-GLYNDEBOURNE-HALCYON-DAYS-BAUBLE01-web__34986.150592 

Listen to your favorite opera and imagine you are sitting in prime seats at Glyndebourne, while enjoying the view onto your Christmas tree! However, even if the trip to this famous opera house is not possible, this bauble might just be the next best thing, Glyndebourne Bauble 2017, £40,





Christmas 17: 43 1787289798_2 

This imaginative fabric might just inspire lovers of stags and their surroundings to give their interior a new makeover, Heath by Linwood Hudson Bay Collection,




 Christmas 2017: Round Tray 24862282_1771328812912283_391058572660697958_

This stunning tray is perfect for entertaining or as a gift,




Christmas 17: 44 saddle-leather-earphone-case-j 

As most of us often spend time detangling our earphones, this leather earphone case is a lovely gift idea and can be personalised with a monogram, Saddle Leather Earphone Case, £17.24, 




Christmas 2017: Jar 24991458_1771328822912282_7929377101849731183_n


Hard to beat this giant decorative storage jar which scores top on the luxury appearance scale!, £115,




Christmas 17: 45 normal_personalised-geometric-copper-coffee-pot 

Entertain in style or treat someone else to this very stylish copper coffee pot which can be personalised with your chosen initials. Personalised Geometric Copper Coffee Pot by Becky Broome, £50,





Christmas 17: 46 5054781484226 

This is such a fun and good value table lamp; it just had to be added to my blog, Stag Head Lamp, £35, George Home,





Christmas 17: 47 Wall2_18cc11ab-f9f6-475e-b265-13c173fa5887_1024x1024

 Christ 17: Villatte astier de villatte collection empire bol

Christmas 17: 47/3 59784447_p 

Christmas 17: 47/2 derian1

Best known for their 18th and 19th century inspired designs, the company producing these handmade ceramics which are created by Tibetan artisans in Paris was founded by Benoir Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli. Using a special technique, by which each piece is crafted from black terracotta, deliberate imperfections are left on the surface and are transformed by a white glaze giving them an exquisite and unique appearance. The price for these unique pieces is equally ‘haute gamme’ but it is truly ‘worth it’! Apart from various online outlets such as a lovely shop called ‘Nam’ selling their ceramics opened in Bath, 22c New Bond Street.





 Christmas 17: 48 stationery_box

If you want to treat someone special to a generous present, this leather stationery box might be just what you are looking for, Leather Stationery Box,





 Christmas 17: 49 GWO059BRM-0_01

Inspired by mid-century modern furniture, this console table cleverly blends old and new materials for a striking look, Remington Console Table, £895,





Christmas 17: 50 hudson_1072a 

Go on a ‘Bear Hunt’ and enjoy their company in your own four walls, Hudson Ivory Southwest/Lodge Rug 1072A, from £40,





 Christmas 17: 51 il_570xN.1052288666_eorz

This velvet mirror is one of my top picks for a glamorous vintage look, Late Victorian Convex Circular Red Velvet Trimmed Distressed Mirror, £85, DanelawVintage via




Christmas 2017: Ottoman BERTRN-02820170308-26047-mszpvn 

This collection celebrates the life and traditions of the ancient Ottoman world. The soft and comfortable cushion features an elaborately colored portrait of Sultan Murad reproduced onto delicate silk, Sultan V Murad Cushion, Bertrando di Renzo, £72,



 Christmas 17: 53 9e70de06cafabd2d3ded1677b4697078.image.191x200

This wall sconce would look fabulous in a chalet or country lodge but could be equally well paired up with contemporary interiors, Forged Double Wall Sconce,




Christmas 17: 54 cowhide_bench_15b_lowres 

The cowboy chic look of this beautiful handmade hide bench is relaxed and stylish, perfect for a creative modern home, Canyon Cowhide Bench - 15B, £320,




Christmas 17: 55 HN7238_L_large 

If you are in need of a feature for a mantelpiece or console table, this candle holder will easily fill the space, Metal Globe 10 Piece Candle Holder, £89,




Christmas 2017: Magazine Rack 234671261 

Keep your magazine stored in style with this very timeless magazine rack which is a perfect fit for a chalet, country house or contemporary home, Felt Magazine Rack, £30,




Christmas 17: 56 MEJ0161 

This Deer is a trophy which you don’t need to hunt, Deer Console Table, £92.04,





Christmas 17: 57 verona_1 

Pair this stylish table lamp base with a matching lampshade for a very decorative lighting display. Lamp base and shade are available from the same company, Verona Table Lamp in Burnt Wood, £135 (lamp base only),





 Christmas 17: 58 cowhide_torres_chair_24t_lowres

This beautiful cowhide armchair handmade in India features a relaxed and stylish design, ideal for classic and contemporary interiors, Cowhide Torres Armchair - 24T, £575,



Christ 17: 59 1099683_oliver-bonas_furniture_oro-dressing-table 

Blending old with new, this dressing table is easy to place in different style interiors, Oro Dressing Table, £595,





Christmas 17: 60 Harrods-Romanov 

You might be crackers to spend a small fortune on this luxury set but if money is no object, these are the ones for you. The gifts include a stag corkscrew, crystal-encrusted Cloisonné box, a leather card case, silk scarf and more, Harrods Romanov Luxury Christmas Crackers, £599,





Christmas 17: 61 000549671-R136550006-1 

Decorated with the historic image of the Liberty London shop, this stunning bauble, should take prime position on your Christmas tree if you decide to splash out on this year’s tree decoration, £35,






 Christmas 17: 62 large-fba025

Inject a touch of glamour into your living room. This side table is a shining example on how to achieve a very visible result, Gold Hexagonal Table, £95,


Christmas 17: 63 2111872 

Made from fine bone china, this teapot is decorated with an original ink drawing of Fortnum’s famous facade. Rory Dobner Teapot, £110,




Christmas 2017: Amsterdam house-lanterns


No need to travel all the way to the Netherlands to enjoy its architecture with these decorative lanterns, Dutch Townhouse Lanterns, from £22,



Christmas 17: 64 charcoal-throw-with-fur-pom-poms_4254-category 

This gorgeous wool throw is edged with luxurious rabbit fur pom-poms adding a bit of luxury and warmth to your bedroom, Charcoal Throw with Fur Pom-Poms, £110, 




Christmas 17: 67 medium_vintage-swedish-rollakan-flat-weave-kelim-by-jud 

This Swedish vintage rug is one of my favourite recent finds. It is stunning and works with most interior styles, Vintage Swedish Rollakan Flat Weave Kelim by Judith Johansson / Signed JJ design called “Norrviken” (282 x 191cm), £8995, DanelawVintage via



 Christmas 17: 68 british-grey-sheepskin-bean-bag-shorn--3461-p206x206

This grey sheepskin beanbag is a good choice if you are in need of an additional chair, British Grey Sheepskin Bean Bag (shorn), £299.99,





Christmas 17: 69 00105100_-_1 

Inspired by the delicate metal fretwork of Morocco, the shimmering, beaten silver finish casts a wonderfully atmospheric light, Brocante Angelic Hanging Lamp, £360,




Christmas 17: 70 TR02 - 1 

Handmade from natural jute in Rajasthan, these stylish faded block print rugs are individually crafted by skilled artisans using traditional methods that have not changed for centuries, Tali Block Print Jute Rug, £140, 




Christmas 17: 72 il_570xN.856710296_miwf 

Treat yourself or someone else to these pretty hand drawn ceramic baubles which will add a lovely finishing touch to a Christmas tree, Hand Drawn Ceramic Bauble, £13.47, TheOldLaundrette via

Christmas 17: 70/D 9df0d766be3b4a4a7a54ce842dd3ed98 

This reversible cable knit and chinchilla faux fur blanket is perfect for curling up in it or as a cover over your sofa and bed, Grey Cable Knit & Chinchilla Faux Fur TH Blanket, £165,




Christmas 2017: animalrugs_m1-lr-ls

Put a smile on your childrens face with these fun and cozy rugs, Animal Felt Rugs, from £65,




Christmas 17: 74 wooden_the_last_supper_console_table_2_lowres

This very unusual hand made ‘The Last Supper’ imaged console table is made from reclaimed distressed wood, black oak news squares and stylish black hairpin legs with a thick glass top, Last Supper Reclaimed Console Table, £1995,




Christmas 2017: Polar Bear Candle media_131978287_Z

Wether you need a few decorative candles for your home or that small extra gift, this rather fun Polar Bear will come to the rescue at a super low price, Sainsbury's Home Winter Polar Bear Candle, now reduced to £5.25,



 Christ 17: 75 1000056190_main 

For those in need of tidying the odd ‘bits and bobs’, these timeless boxes will offer stylish storage which work well in a home office, living room or bedroom, Purity Storage Chest (3 different sizes), from £10,




Christ 17: 76 Cheskie_0024_ac73ed3b-2523-40bf-b661-dc46fa9a3812_1600x 

These birds have flown the nest and traveled all the way from Mexico to find their new owners! The beautiful and unusual silver pieces featuring birds and other animal handles, are individually crafted by local artisans and make a wonderful present,




 Christ 17: 77 kiss

Much as I love fabric-covered headboards, they will look tired at some stage and will need replacing. There are not that many classic wooden double beds on the market which I like, but this model is one that has caught my eye and something I would not object to be seen in or rather sleep in, Kiss Wooden Bed, from £650,



 Christ 17: 78 TableTopHeader

Organise your home in style or make someone a lovely present with these decorative bone inlay dishes and boxes,




Christ 17: 79 normal_white-wooden-led-lit-advent-calandar 

It might be worth investing in an advent calendar which can be used in years to come and have the additional pretty LED light feature which your children will absolutely love, Wooden LED Lit Advent Calendar, £45, The Forest & Co via




 Christmas 17: 80 the-general-study-table-scarlet-splendour

The General is a an absolute stunning study table created by the collaboration of designer Matteo Cibic and the Indian brand Scarlet Splendour. The collection has been designed in classic Italian form but is inspired by the tradition Indian craft of inlay work. This piece is painstakingly handcrafted in India. To become the proud owner of this masterpiece requires ‘deep pockets’, The General Study Table Scarlet Splendour,





 Christmas 17: 80A 096a5143

This box of luxury crackers caught my eye not only because of its stylish design but also rather unusual contents of treats from organic soap and hand cream to vegetable seeds, Petersham Nurseries Christmas Crackers Orange, £55 (box of 6),




Christmas 17: 81 VSECSP2 christmas 17: 81/2 images-1


This large vase will create a stunning centrepiece on your dinner table or an eye-catching feature on a mantelpiece,




Christmas 2017: Tray Black/White 25289378_1771328819578949_29564615362306 

This tray is one of a number of different designs from Belgium and a real find,



 Christmas 17: 82 DSC_1248-334x334

No dinner table is complete without tablemats. This set featuring hand sketched Stag, Hare, Squirrel and Pheasant works well with absolutely everything, Woodland Animals Table Mats, £50 (set of 4),





Christmas 17: 83 Cheskie_0114_1600x 

One can’t fail to fall in love with the look of this ethnic occasional chair re-upholstered in a gorgeous vintage wool/silk blend fabric sourced in Asia, Samaira Chair, £485,




Christmas 17: 84 normal_london-skyline-architectural-chess-set 

A perfect present for a 'city slicker' or someone who ‘has it all’. This London Skyline Architectural Chess Set, will keep everybody well entertained during the festive season and beyond, £80, Skyline Games via






Christmas 17: 85 rustikale-tischdeko-weihnachten-holz-gold-ideen






Christmas 17: 87 kitchenchristmas2013IMG_8584





Christmas 17: 88 weihnachten-tischdeko-skandinavisch-karierte-tischdecke





Christ 17: 89 05-a-wreath-evergreen-chandelier-with-red-ribbon





Christmas 17: 90 andrew-montgomery-house-3nov17-AM_b_646x430

Via: House & Garden




Christmas 17: 91 hf-hallway3 





Christmas 17: 92 top-14-rustic-christmas-fireplace-mantel-decors-easy-pa 




Christ 17: 0 aa3fcbfe5941fe711f27d8ae627b4d27--burlap-stockings-burlap-b

Via: Google / "Confessions of a Plate Addict"












































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