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A Lot To Blog About

Hello and welcome to our weekly feature with Interior Designer Isabell Browell

The February auction in Founex was a wonderful success. The products for sale were plentyful and varied, and I saw a regular stream of  visitors and buyers making the most of the preview-day on Wednesday to see wether they could spot that special piece for their house.

As a result, Evelyn and Kathleen received an unusually large amount of absentee bids from those who were not able to attend the auction. Still, on auction night, there was a large crowd of very keen buyers and bidders, and Zoe, the guest auctioneer, did a brilliant job taking and talking everybody through the large selection of furniture and accessories.

There was some strong "surprise" bidding on numerous Lots such as a wooden magazine rack, Mappin and Webb spoon, and a framed poster from the movie Metropolis, which goes to show that you can never tell what will ignite fervent bidding and a fight to the finish between bidders determined to walk away with that special piece, bringing theatre and excitement to the evening.

From what I hear the auction night has already become the talk of the dinner party tables, which leads me to believe that Partridge Auctions is establishing its first regular and loyal clients. Topping the previous auction in terms of volume of products, attendees, and sold items, Partridge Auctions seems to be heading from strength to strength.



In addition to sharing my love for  "all things beautiful" in and around the house I will be answering two interior design related questions every week so do get in touch and send your questions to me at  [email protected].

If you need any specific help with your home and would like to use my services you are very welcome to contact me via my website on


Q:   Our dining room is quite small. How can I make it look bigger? Marina.

A:  Hi Marina, Ideally you should keep the colors fairly light and neutral.  Stay away from heavy and dark furniture and go for a glass dining table which visually increases the space.  Mirrors are also a great "space enhancer" and can work wonders in a small room.


Q:  How can I style my coffee table and give it a designery look? Anna

A:  Dear Anna, Decor on a coffee table can add another dimention to a room.  Wether you find something unusual at an auction or shop or have a look around your attic, you can give some of your favourite pieces the attention they deserve. From old family memrobilia such as photo albums, grannies favourite bowl, a pretty box,  or a favourite souvenir from a special holiday, to a collection of coffee table books, a nice large statement candle, a tray or a pretty plant, every piece can add history and a very personal touch to your living area. Without spending a fortune you can even give your room a "mini-makeover" by changing the objects on your coffee table according to the season.





Chalet Chic

If you are still agonising over wether or not you should have placed your bid on the gorgeous South American camel & white Quanaco Fur Throw on sale at last weeks Partridge Auction, you will be pleased to hear that it is still in your reach and will come up at the next auction. Why not use it as a starting point to create the perfect "chalet chic" ambience. Here are a few products which would certainly add a few nice touches to the look:


Kudu Table Lamp


This David Hunt Kudu modern table lamp is a real "Out of Africa" statement piece. The base and shade have a very trendy black/gold finish creating a contemporary look yet working well with both classic and modern interior,



Horn Wall Light


The simplicity of the horn base combined with a more contemporary shade is a rather modern take on a classic lamp which looks good on most walls.  This David Hunt Natural Horn Wall Light is part of the "Jersey" range and available in a left and right horn design,




Designed by Young & Battaglia this is the "stretch limo" equivalent of the "Cowhide Look" - just in case the standard size of the real "thing" doesn`t quite fit the lenght of your room or hallway. And no, Sientists have not diverted into breeding extra long cows!  The secret is a digital printing process onto a special rubber backed fabric. The quality of the photographic images from a real cowhide is remarkably good. It can be made to measure up to 380cm long,



With this Persian Cowhide Rug design, Young & Battaglia have brought to life another rare and exotic type of "beast" which is nowhere else to be found! The mix of the geometric design of a Persian carpet with the natural irregularity of an animal skin gives this rug a truly unique appearance,



A stylish solution for any desk is this leather mousemat in the shape of a cowhide rug. The leather ages gracefully and will always look good,


Looking forward to your visit to A Lot To Blog About next Wednesday.



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