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As we are looking at the daffodils and other signs announcing the imminent arrival of spring, time has come to pack up and remove all things "winter palace" and finally allow a touch of spring into your home. 

One of this year`s big inspirations is going back to basics and re-discovering nature. The passionate gardener and lover of quirky collectible items can breathe deep and enjoy bringing the large variety it has to offer back into the house.

Amongst a selection of outdoor creatures there is a definite trend back to the feathered variety in all forms, shapes, colours and sizes. The "world of interiors" has managed yet again, to offer a different and new take on these inspirational species which seem to resurface on a regular basis. There is a wonderful selection and range from traditional to vintage, quirky and contemporary capturing the current market. This trend though need not be chintzy, and the colours can be quite muted.

By the way, a "little bird" tells me that there might be one or two decorative objects based on these feathered friends heading towards the Partridge Auction rooms hoping to find a new home during the next auction!





Q:  I am renovating my kitchen. I rather like wooden flooring but would you recommend it in the kitchen, Caroline

A:   Dear Caroline, I too love wooden flooring in the kitchen. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere and adds texture. There are lots of finishes available nowadays which are very durable and will be robust enough to survive the daily demands and heavy use. Should you have kitchen cupboards in a natural wood stain though just make sure that you choose a suitable contrast color on the floor.


Q:  I would love to have an oversize wall pin board but also heard of magnetic walls. What are they and where can I get them, Stefanie

A:  Hi Stefanie, If you are looking to use a large area to pin notes or photos on, magnet paint is a wonderful alternative to pin boards. The secret is in the paint which normally comes as a pre-mixed, lead free water based latex primer. Magnet paint can be top coated with any kind of paint or color. The walls will look no different to any other wall but have the advantage that magnets will stick to them and maintain the clean look of a wall. The paint is available via Magpaint, The company has outlets in many countries including Switzerland. You can find the relevant supplier details on their website.






Bird Chandelier

This Bird Cage Chandelier must surely bring a big smile to anybody lucky enough to have this very jolly and colorful ceiling light cheering up their room. The menagerie of beautifully colored birds are made from real feathers which are all individually crafted,



If you like something with a difference and have been hunting for some truly rare species, look no further! They are in easy, yet limited reach! "Unique" and "individual" are a very worthy description for these exquisitely handcrafted products from Mexico. Each piece is made to order and created in four stages by local artisan craftsmen, so no piece is the same. This is certainly not a "mass market" product so fear not, that you will be seeing these lovely creatures in every other house! Amongst the products on offer are water jugs with Toucan handles, small jugs with beautiful cockatoos or elegant candlesticks with a malachite parrot perched at their centre. From the Lapis or Malachite, the hand beaten copper or the silver plate which cover the jugs, each raw material has been sourced from the local mines in Central Mexico,


BIR4322_LEX1503-1 2

For bird lovers looking for the one "useful" statement piece sitting on a console or side table, this is definitely IT! The David Hunt "Birdy Lamp" comes with either a hot pink or taupe silk shade. David Hunt is well known for producing very original and unusual products and offers a broad range from classic to contemporary including a bespoke and international shipping service,



You don`t even need a birdcage for this Woodpecker and Sparrow. The "Purist Bird Vases" are gorgeous and brighten up any accent or dinner table. I am very tempted to get a set myself and line all the birds up across a festive lunch table this Easter and beyond. Instead of just one central flower arrangement,  just pop some pretty flowers into each of those vases and it will create a beautiful spring table with a difference,

Looking forward to any comments or questions and hope you will join my blog again next week.




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