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Unlike in London where one season never seemed that different from another, here in Switzerland the four seasons are still very much part of life.

I love the transition and the first signs of every new season, especially if they include special festivals such as Easter. It is such a good excuse to breathe new life into your home and see what is out there to help you add some new touches to your interior.  

Sharing my life with a long suffering husband, who would be perfectly happy with just the minimal pieces of furniture - ideally family heirlooms - and no accessories unless very special, practical or useful - I have my work cut out persuading him that "those new cushions, candles or little trinkets" are absolutely essential to the latest season`s look. He claims that even without our young children our house would not be short of the ever increasing collection of seasonal "essentials" which are taking over our living least for a while!

On this note, for the next couple of weeks, my pre-Easter "pick of the week" will focus on some quirky, bright and fresh looking furniture and accessories and indulge in a few treats for Easter!


Q:  What are the rules on wallpaper at the moment? My mother used to re-wallpaper the entire room every few years but I am not sure wether that is still the current trend, Tessa.

A:  Hi Tessa, It varies and rather depends on the room and your choice of wallpaper. If it is something fairly discreet with a smallish pattern, timeless design like stripes or a traditional aspect such as a toile it is still very suitable for use throughout the room. However, wallpaper has had a huge revival and there are an increasing number of statement designs from contemporary to industrial and vintage which create a more interesting and less overwhelming effect if used as a feature on just one wall.

Q:  I have a slightly redundant corner in my rather large sitting room. There are enough tables and chairs in the room, so I am looking for an alternative that can give this area some color and lift, Gennie.

A:  Dear Gennie, I would add a tall plant or potted tree and choose a really nice pot for either. They bring a lovely bright and warm aspect to a room, injecting a "breath of fresh air" to any redundant space.


Dream Sofa Mimose Yellow_825-1

This Graham & Green "Deep Dream Cotton/Linen Sofa" is one of my favourites. It has a stylish and wonderfully timeless design and will feel quite at home in contemporary or traditional surroundings. The yellow version is one of this years "it" colours and will bring a spot of sunshine into any living room.  However, should you end up wearing sun glasses every time you look at it, this model also comes in a choice of other colours at a price range of £2.050.00 - £3.050.00,

Duck Lamp white shadeDuck Lamp stripeDuck Lamp black shade

 This is not a suggestion on how to recycle the leftovers of your next Sunday Roast!! This "chick" is one of the "classiest birds" I have come accross. The Duck Feet Lamp from the Porta Romana Collection, is quite unique, stylish and absolutely gorgeous and will certainly not be overlooked by your Easter lunch party guests. This is the one piece which you would not want to "mothball" until the following Easter but love and adore all year round,


This reminds me of one of the first wooden stacking toys my children used to play with. The &Tradition Shuffle Table which features a good selection of this year`s "must have" colours, brightens up any space and is quite an eye catcher. If you have young children just make sure they don`t get tempted to take it apart while your guests are trying to "park" their drinks on it,  £445.00,

woodland square cushion

A lovely way to add a very discreet touch of Easter to your sofas. This cushion is not just for Easter and will look lovely all year round, £65.00,

Faberge Cake

This is surely the next best thing to the real "Faberge"! The beautiful egg creation is without a doubt the "icing on the cake" and almost too glam to cut it into edible pieces. Obviously aiming for the same prosperous clientele, the Baroque Cameo Egg Cake comes with the appropriate price tag - but it`s worth every "bite" of it! £225.00,



Green Dessert Plate Bee   Yellow Desert Plate Birds


These vintage-inspired "Natural World" bone china plates would make the perfect spring and summer tableware - just imagine how crisp and fresh they look on as part of your Easter table decoration or on a white table cloth.....truly the "bees knees" at EUR 18.00 each,

3 Eggs

This set of 3 lovely GreenGate Lovebirds Easter Egg Decorations from Occa Home, are beautifully decorated and can`t fail to help create an eye catching and perfect Easter table decoration, £13.00,

Shilliger Easter Table

A very colourful way to create your Easter table. If you are slightly late with your Easter preparation, for a "last minute" shop this pretty selection of table ware and decoration is still available at Schilliger Garden Centre,

I hope you enjoyed this weeks early spring and Easter treats and look forward to all your comments and questions until my next Wednesday blog.


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