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As most festivals have a special colour attached to them so has, of course, Easter. In addition to its religious importance, Easter also celebrates the end of the chilly winter season (at least we hope so) welcoming the imminent spring and summer months. The colours which represent Easter and its festive decoration are very much part of the seasons natural habitat especially garden flowers which are suddenly coming alive. Each colour has of course its own significance.


White:   Stands for purity and grace

Green:   The colour of grass brings rays of hope

Purple:  This Easter colour is indicative of royalty and is supposed to bring wealth

Pink:     A colour that indicates a fresh beginning

Yellow:  A colour reminding us of the sun bringing joy and happiness


Baring those lovely fresh colors in mind I have come up with some last minute pre Easter inspirations.





Q:  Is there an equivalent here in Switzerland to the online website Achica, selling good quality furniture and products for discounted prices over a limited period of time, Stefanie

A:  Hi Stefanie, there is a company called Westwing ( which offers products for sale in the same way as Achica. They also have a website in France ( and Germany ( 


Q:   I am looking for some wall art for my sitting room.  I sometimes find it difficult to imagine how things would look on the wall. Is there any advise you can give me, Claudia.

A:  Dear Claudia, if you are not quite sure what style or period you prefer and like some insight into the “art world” I would highly recommend the Easyart app for iPhone ( This super app makes it really  easy for you to picture what the walls in your home could look like with framed art prints of any period and style. You can either take photos of your own walls with your iPhone or choose one of the programmed room sets and place any of the available art prints. You can choose between 50.000 art prints and a variety of frames. The only danger is that you get rather carried away giving your walls a new makeover all day every day!!  




                “SPRING INTO EASTER”


As we head for the count-down to Easter here are some last minute ideas and products which work well for the occasion and beyond.




Rabbit & Cabbage Teatowel

Amongst the large choice of tea towls this in one of my favourites. The rabbit would want to “hang out” with you not just over Easter, £13,50





kake stand

 A very stylish way to offer  Easter treats to family and guests. This Three Tiered Cake Stand  is certainly not just an Easter special as it will look good on any special occasion all year round be it a coffee morning or a tea party, £100,-



yellow lattice N-J Cushion

 A beautifully new and trendy take on a Moorish design. This yellow Lattice Cushion is warm and works really well on a varietey of block colours from green and blue to grey and black, £80,-




Green Curved Bone Inlay Chest

 A refreshing divertion of the more discret coloured and well known “brother”, the Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers in Emerald is a real eye catcher and brings a fresh injection of Spring and Summer into any room,  £1.295,-


CUSHION_N-J Yellow/ButterflyPink N-J Butterfly Cushion

With these  gorgeous cushions, spring is defenitely in the air, £70,- each




Set of 4 Florya Mugs OKA-1


The different colours and patterns on the Florya Mugs are a bright and fun way to jazz up your Easter table. It is a wonderful mix and match combination which is lovely to use throughout the year, £32,- (set of 4)



 A very easy to put together last minute table long as you can find some decorative bunnies or chickens. If you get there in time before they sell out, a similar model can be found here in Switzerland at Jumbo,



 This would certainly suffice to entertain long as all your chickens have been busy laying eggs and you have the staff to put them all “in their place”!



 As long as you have access to a few twigs of lilac this is a very easy and effective table decoration which looks stylish and gorgeous. 



 A bright and welcoming way to greet your guests.



 An easy last minute decorating solution looking good in any old vase or container.....even better if they can be picked fresh from your garden!


Wishing you all a very HAPPY EASTER and lots of delicious Easter treats.











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