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Nautic: Wense Foto_Isabel_2013_a

Todays discount is offered by VDW von der Wense GMBH. A family run business, the company designs high quality silver and silver plate home accessory products. If you love silver, you will love their products. The range is varied and beautiful and offers anything from silver trays, frames, to desk and table accessories. All products are manufactured in von der Wense`s own factory so that the quality control can be guaranteed. You can also have initials, logos or a family crest engraved, which adds a very personal touch to any present. For those who are heading for married bliss, von der Wense GMBH offer a wedding list service.


In addition to silver products a new range of silver jewelry designed by Daniela von der Wense, has been added to the collection. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks there is a gorgeous selection of pieces for every day use and special occasions which are decorated with precious or semi precious stones and sweet water pearls. They make a perfect gift to treat yourself or for someone very special.


All silver and jewelry products can be shipped worldwide and if you are ordering from outside Germany and have any questions you will find that everybody speaks English.


Every client will be offered a 10% discount on one silver and jewelry item of their choice. Please quote the discount code BlogIB2013 when you place your order.






It is (hopefully) almost summer again and there is absolutely not a chance of ignoring the nautical side of exterior and interior life. As I am jumping on this ever popular bandwagon, I hope that I have found at least one or two things which you have not yet spotted elsewhere. I have also come across some irresistible fishy things for which you don`t even need a rod!





Nautic: Lampshade Set ROS0119-1

A company with a lot of imagination. It can apply either its own or its customers preferred design onto a variety of different surfaces, from lamp shades and canvases to window films, blinds and tiles. All products are made bespoke in the UK and are shipped worldwide. A great concept when you are looking for something with a difference.


Anautic: img4t   AAnautic: img20t Anautic: img24t-1   

  These gorgeous colours and designs will look fantastic in any summer or garden room.


  Nautic: 1366798999_m

A very maritime accent table for your sitting room or conservatory.



Nautic: Aquarium-Bathroom

How about this for a statement cloakroom? The only downside is that everybody will "spend their pennies" far too often and long so you might have to invest in a second cloak room! Runto Sanitary Ware, China and



AAAA Globus photo-41  

 Looks fantastic at night when the candle light shows off the gorgeous pattern. Available at the Manor Department store, Switzerland


AAAA 147_F2729PLT001002

 A very "seaside way" to serve drinks when you have guests. (ordering can be done through



AAnautic: Pouff img14t 

This pouf looks very inviting and doubles up as a very useful additional chair if you have lots of guests.



Nautic: Aquarium-Coffee-Table

If your guests do end up spending too much time in your "fishy" cloakroom why not add this fishtank coffee table to entertain your guests in more conventional surroundings!


AAAA 147_F2388PLT001004

This is almost too nice to hide it in your tray storage unit until you need it. Why not give it its deserved exposure and use it as a display tray on your coffee table. (can be ordered via



If you are keen on using natural materials, this driftwood table is certainly your match. Via Talitha Dijksman or



Nautic: wall_metal_coral_nickel_1

A perfect wall decoration for seaside enthusiasts. This Coral Wall Light is certainly not just your average summer accessory but something you don`t want to mothball once the days get colder. (for Switzerland orders can be made via


Anautic: del-mar-dinnerware-sets-of-4-coral-066543854

A perfect design for outdoor alfresco dining....even your kids might eat their greens!



Nautic: brandi claw foot

A fantastic idea for recycling your old and unloved pieces of furniture. If you have the patience and artistic hand you could change colours according to each season! Via



AAnautic: coral cushionil_170x135.370323860_shth

Deliciously summery and a perfect way to add colour to your room.



Nautic: Aquarium-Bed

If nothing else works, this should entice your children to go to bed early! Via Furnitureland South US



Nautic: side-tables-1420092

I wouldn`t attempt to try and copy this table with the driftwood you might find during your beach holiday this summer... would rather go swimming instead!


Anautic: img91t

Love the design and colour. It does not just work during the summer but looks good all year round.



AAAA Unknown

This is actually far too luxurious to hide away in your basement party room. It will certainly be the main topic of the party room talk but you might find that your guests will never leave!


 AAAA 147_F0149COU0303CO

For those who have gone neutral but would like to introduce a little bit of "seaside" at home these pretty shell cushions are a good and very stylish solution. (orders can be made via




Nautic: boat-island

Nautic: cooking-at-the-dock-of-the-marecucina-by-alno-large

 If you are in the process of choosing a new kitchen this might be the answer. This is certainly THE ONE for boat enthusiasts but on slightly quieter shores! and





AAAA Table images

This is another statement piece for your dinner parties and ideal if you like to "entertain with a difference".



AAAA Cute-Sail-Boat-Shaped-Fireplace-67x67

The perfect and stylish solution for cooler summer evenings, by Noah Zachary



Nautic: moody acquario tub

The perfect way to chill out in your bath and it certainly beats any other "entertainment center" in your bathroom.


AAAA table-basse-noland

I love to mix old with new. This is a very good example that it can work. The old driftwood used to create something quite contemporary offers a very stylish solution, via available from




Nautic: vascabarca-boat-shaped-bathtub3

For those who like collectors items, this rather exceptional "limited edition" Vascabara Boat Shaped Bathtub comes with a rather unlimited price tag.


 AAAA bout-de-canape-kisimi

This might even beat the "cow in formaldehyde". I love the imaginative way the driftwood has been preserved and turned into a very easy on the eye side table.





Nautic: 4d61b57e2499b6482fb4fe750d8cbdb5



Nautic: 7c1781ad3669bbfbd2148d808775fca6



AAnautic: Coral Bedhead17056418_jNDmqMyE_c_thumb




AAnautic: 2 white beach rooms001







Nautic: 26f7ee498168d803140119c260e726b7



Nautic: 1b3cafa323cff15d0578ae8e8c97aaa9



AAAAA 0251118a87c0aae2695d22a53747a70e



Nautic: Nautical21



Nautic: 6adcfe35f045d98d7cf202114eb0363c



Nautic: bar aquarium



Nautic: beach-theme-kitchen-lovely-interior-decoration



AAAAA 5809a91c311b5f7abf80e8fc79465773 



AAnautic: Bench plus yellow cushiona2e3c8e85407b51d39b777881ec1019a



Anautic: chandelier - coral white



Nautic: 873a9563dd44e4ad542daf5c19343f98



Nautic: 280710e584bd57f2520e4fa77aaaadaa


Nautic: adcfa0add2e69cd30f3283839128222c



Nautic: 10f797769f7c0b582b85a1c135e3a582



Nautic: 9f0b91e6a167659902d4500e91830f69




Nautic: 6b0b7ef47f76cd6800d70a04d5528cc1




Nautic: backsplash aquarium



Nautic: 8230f014fccdf5831dc40f13760c8d75



Nautic: 117312791_Bedroom_359571c



AAnautic: Boys Double Bunk af9a042c291036b4b79326b4db6b35e9



Nautic: Boat Bed



Nautic: travel-themed-kids-room



Nautic: e5da8f52f07bdf05c7b0c818ee1163f8



Nautic: 1accefabdcb3ad1311f8c30df3632369 

Nautic: 06ff2954c520c17903614901ee57f12e



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