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With the summer behind us this is the time to help every interior design enthusiast or those who want to spruce up their home, get in line with the latest trends for the autumn and winter season.

If you feel like a bit of a change from your summer colours, here are some of the top design and colour trends to help you plan in advance. They all draw on inspiration from colours and metals with an interesting mix of patterns and textures.





F: Marie Flat-Leaf-Parsley_medium  F: Marie Listener-1 F: marie GL_web-home-fall12-RM F: Marie Leaf Listener 


F: Marie Listener-2      F: M      F: M 1      F: M 2      F: M 3 


If you have not been introduced to the company Je Suis au Jardin, here is a wonderful opportunity to get to know their lovely product range and benefit from some great discounts which have been offered exclusively to all my blog readers.

Je Suis au Jardin was set up and is run by Marie Williams who has a lovely personality and is always very helpful.  I have long been a huge fan of her delicious range of scented candles, soaps and room scents. Another of her speciality products are a great selection of Wellington Boots and Clogs in a lovely variety of colours and patterns. Her Cowhide Clogs have been one of her bestsellers and are a `must have` for trips to your mountain retreat this coming winter!  Perfect for the rainy autumn days are her fun Laura Ashley umbrellas and her garden accessories make a great present to anybody with green fingers.  

There are some very decorative and “leafy”  autumnal treats in store so do take a look and spoil yourself or be super organised and get your Christmas shopping out of the way before the big rush!  

Here is a range of discounts Marie is very kindly offering - so please mention my blog when you make your purchase:


  • A 15% Discount on all Wellington Boots and Clogs
  • 3 for the price of 2 on leaf shaped glass tea-light holders (sold in lovely colour shades)
  • A 15% Discount on the Juliette at Home Potager Candles
  • 3 for the price of 2 on all Greenleaf votive candle-refills  


All articles can be bought online on or even better take a closer look at the products on offer and call Marie for an appointment in her showroom on 26A Route de Coppet, 1291 Commugny, Tel: 076 3860563






F: Chairs Listener   F: Bag Listener-1    F: cutlery Listener-5   F: Table Listener-2   F: painting Listener-3   F: Plate Listener-4

Having started live auctions last year, Partridge Online Auctions is now offering an additional online auction service which is being launched this coming Monday, 7th October. You can browse, bid and buy the same wide variety of quality products with online ease. Photos and detailed description will give you a picture of each item.

Partridge Online Auctions would like to offer their clients the opportunity to have access to an exciting range of products on a more regular basis. Online auctions will therefore be held every 4-5 days and new products will be added every 3 days.

As always, there are some exciting products coming up from Louis VXI pieces to Ethnic furniture. So do visit the Partridge Auctions website on Monday and find out whether you can spot something very special for your home. You find all the relevant information on






Masculine Element:

 As men spend more time at home and have become more aware and involved in their home environment, interiors are increasingly showing more masculine elements.


Out with the New - In with the Old:

 A romantic renaissance is coming back. Those, who auctioned off their valuable antiques to replace them for a minimalist look might come to regret this as the design barometer trend is high on the old classics and antique furniture. You had better dig around your grandparents attic or visit the local auction houses or flea markets to snap up something special. However,  if you don`t want to dive completely into the past, a modern interior can look very stylish with baroque style and antique elements and create an interesting mix.


Retro and Upcycled Furniture

Retro and vintage inspired furniture will continue this year to be a popular trend this year and they mix well with contemporary furniture.

 A new form called “upcycled furniture has entered this seasons stage,  playing on last years popular shabby chic style but with a twist. Instead of keeping furniture looking vintage, it is about giving them a new lease of life.  Think classic wooden sideboard painted with a whole host of bright colours.


Wild and Wooly

 Anything wild and “out of Africa” is still making a roaring trade. From hides lounging on floors to covering chairs and stools, they are all part of the popular ethnic trend which fit well into most interior schemes. For those who like to stay more local, sheepskin rugs, covers and cushions are equally trendy.



 For those who prefer to stay neutral, classic monochrome is here to stay. The black and white mix will continue to feature on the interior trends scale but warmer neutrals such as beige and browns are also becoming very popular.


Colours to “DYE” for

 Although “Neutral” is still the predominant element of most room schemes, this autumn and winter season is all about introducing new aspects of colour. Whether you just like to accessorize your neutral interior and add some colour spots or be bold and go for an all out colour makeover, there are some stunning ideas out there, some of which will feature in the final part of my blog for some ideas and inspiration.

 This year`s trendy autumn colours are beautiful jewel tones.


F: Green mood-board

The overall colour of the year is Green and particularly Emerald Green which has finally made it to a high point. It is THE vibrant element to be added to any room scheme if you want to stay on top of the latest design trends.



There is, however, a variety of other top colour picks:


Forecast: Monaco Blue

 1. Rich Sapphire blue colours 



 Forecast: aubergine-and-cream-color-scheme

 2. Rich amethyst purple



For: ciz43mklvlbn7sj6.jpg_640x480_q85        Forecast: images-7

 3. Vibrant ruby reds and raspberry pinks


For: 61572-tangerine-tango

 4. Deep warm orange tones


For: Grey-Herringbone-Interior-home-decor

 5. Shades of grey


Forecast: images-8

 6. Different shades of yellow from lemon to mustard


Forecast: Chang-Mood-Board

 7. Neutrals such as sand, stone and mushroom shades



 Pattern Hot Spots


For: 04f4d1e83e27b1493dc9bb5c74d4b15d          Forecast: 2_Sanderson_SS12_Indigo-still-life_lr1

Patterns are here to stay in a lovely variety of shapes, colours and and sizes. Much inspiration is drawn from folklore, African as well as Asian and South American designs.  Animals, cultures and crafts will all come into to play. Think black and white, voodoo, bold monochrome geometrics.

Retro which made a comeback, is still all the rage covering a wide spectrum from florals with white backdrops, to vintage geometric prints.


For: bring-it-home-hl1-600x400





Fabric and Textures


For: interior-color-schemes-1240x874-colour-mood-boards-creative-buzz-urumi  Forecast: Capture_00191

Fabrics and finishes should all be `touchable`. The focus is on textures with warmth and depth. Florals, large and small, on a white background are back. Vintage prints with a twist of white as well as bold colours thrown onto a white canvas are all part of this season`s favorites. Fabrics with a distinct metallic look are also clearly in the running.

Textures are about mixing interesting materials such as reclaimed wood with modern lacquer or cork, marble and brass. 

Raw materials such as stone and wood in their natural stripped-down state are being used, showing off their natural beauty. Anything from wood stumps and branches to crystals, gems and geodes will find their way into the design conscious home.

Embroidery, large scale knits and hand craft is very much on the forefront of this winters must haves. 

To add some cosiness to the cold winter season cover the floor with a sheepskin rug and add a cashmere or woolen throw to your bed. 





For: Surface product-8

For: room copy  For: room                                                   

Oversized murals, feature walls and Trompe L`oeil as well as textured, silk and metallic wallpapers for those who like to create a statement to be talked about. It`s all about creating that eye catching feature in your home.



Cool Metals



For: 935488_317998901664681_221576326_n

The `hot` metals this season are a mix of anything gold and copper which add a touch of warmth to a room scheme.  Inject some glamour to your interior and opt for gold finishes on furniture, walls or accessories.





Below are some new season finds which caught my eye:



Forecast: lantern-group_bg_02-1

The lovely  “Lantern Light” range reflects the pure elegance and simplicity of this handmade glass, £ 360.00 at (products can be shipped to Switzerland)


F: Izar C 2237_Category


The Izar cushion is a gorgeous accessory for any sofa or armchair,  £87.00 



Forcast: 2735801d935176f9d53b6393d00b44e1

Who would not like to have an adoring audience gazing at them? This stunning wallpaper is a re-creation of a historical photo taken inside Teatro La Fenice, the opera house in Venice. It is called Fuoco and sold by Trove ( in NY or in the UK as a wall mural by (Surface View can ship its products to Switzerland)



Forecast: Globus IMG_0044

This gorgeous armchair is covered in a vintage blue velvet inside and has a leather look on the outside. Its unusual shape and stunning colour combination make it a very special statement piece. CHF 1,299.00 at Globus, Geneva



Forecast: il_570xN.268084116

This is the perfect leafy autumn cushion. Its retro design reflects all the current seasonal colours, CHF 23,89



For: papier_peint_esc_5007ea906f7ef_343x343

What a great way to jazz up your door. The Trompe L`oeil Mural brings a new dimension to the room, EUR 59,90



Forecast: il_570xN.499822777_lpec

Even if you don`t need to replace your door knobs, theese one`s are almost impossible to resist and will certainly be noticed! CHF 23,91



Forecast: Copper bathroom-traditional-Homes--Gardens1  For: Copper Bath coppr 

This is my absolute dream bathroom. The main investment would of course be this stunning looking Copper Bath. I did shop around and found a model similar to the one in the photo which is almost half the price of those on offer at a “mere snap” of £ 2,550.00 from If you caught “my bug” and are going for this look you can also try and check on who sometimes sells these Copper Baths at a reduced price.


For: Surface product-6  For: Surface product-1

For: Surface NGA0064_websource

As for the eye-catching background for your copper bath, there are some lovely alternatives which would set the scene in an equally dramatic fashion. Surface View draws from a huge range of images which are produced bespoke on multiple surfaces or can adapt clients` images to the size and usage required. It is a great and affordable concept (certainly more so than the bath) so do look it up on (products can be shipped to Switzerland)



Forecast: retro-group_bg_01

This Retro Light plays homage to the 1951 Festival of Britain. The sleek form made in handblown glass with a modernist streamlined spun copper top is a super stylish must-have for those who like to introduce the warm copper element into their interior, £ 450.00 (ship to Switzerland)


Forecast: il_570xN.480370546_ol93

A truly charming accessory which looks good on most walls. The Dragonfly/ Butterfly oval Plaques are hand painted in copper metallic and mauve beige, CHF 43,04



Forecast: il_570xN.409507452_nnmx

This art deco-style warm coral coloured cushion represents a really stylish and à la mode piece which is good value but looks expensive. It is perfect, if you are just looking for one or two trendy autumn pieces to accessorise your room, CHF 39,82



Forecast: il_570xN.488875824_8loe

Being a hand etched Vintage Oriental Copper Bowl from the 1950s, it is fantastically good value and an eye-catching piece for your coffee table, CHF 15,25



For: effet-pano

Wallpaper is not just wallpaper anymore. Not only did it see a huge revival but it has come a long way to tempt those who like to jazz up aspects of their interior. This Panoramic Effect Mural is one of my absolute favourites and offers a complete transformation of any unloved or “dead” space,


Forecast: 8469615205298144_239

This pendant light is wonderfully simple and yet dramatic with its gold metal colouring on the inside. This will allow for a much warmer light than a lot of other ceiling light models, CHF 219.00


For: luna sofa

The Welsh company which produces these hugely stylish cushions and throws is one of my favourites amongst the retro design soft furnishing outlets. The quality is superb and all their designs are very original and stunning,


For: aurelian-pillar-holder-142806377

A great accessory if you like to add a bit of drama to your living room at a mere snap at $ 39,95, (they now ship to Europe)


For: 1fcb24daeae8962057e6697a6c2d5adc

This “Liquid Metal Madagascar” wallpaper in the colour Mercury is a hugely stylish solution for a new wall makeover. Although understated it creates a very eye-catching and dramatic feature,



F: Concentric C 2360_Category

I have long been a great fan of the Niki Jones cushion and rug collections. This Concentric Cushion is a real eye catcher, £80.00 



For: the-town-bedroom1

F: Chest IWC032GYL-0_01

The High-Gloss Mei Cabinet is one of my favourite new pieces from the Oka furniture range. It has the perfect classic/contemporary mix. Whether in the bedroom or the sitting room, you can be sure that it adds something very special to the overall look, £ 990.00


For: e-neodko-papierpeint-1318b

Following the re-discovered love for all  things “Roccoco” this Panoramic Marie-Antoinette Wallpaper works surprisingly well with classic and contemporary`s all in the mix!!!


Forecast: spindle-pendant-group_bg_01

Enlarging the intricate detail of the Spindle Shade creates this long, elegant pendant light. It is one of those pieces which are truly timeless, work absolutely everywhere and can look contemporary or classic depending on what you place it with, £ 360.00


Forecast: tabori-hurricane-147890170

This Tabori Hurricane Lamp is hand finished in a subtle metallic sheen adding a very striking glow to a room. It comes in Gold or Silver, $ 29,95 (ship to Europe)



Forecast: il_570xN.449230119_psdi

Funky kitchen clocks have had a huge revival. If you want to be “bang on time” on the kitchen trend scale, I would advise you go for this Rustic Wall Clock in a Copper Decor, CHF 44,95 


F: Wallpaper Birds 28764553_000_b


This impressive `Palace Birds Mural` ist in fact a non woven printed paper roll. It allows for paste-free application and easy removel (H: 274.3cm x W: 365.7cm), £ 248.00



F: Pendant S JHL011MET-0_02F: Pendant L JHL007MET-0_03


These Moorish inspired Maghreb and Melila Metal Lanterns are a perfect solution if you are looking for athmospheric lighting. The pattern of the shades will create a lovely warm and interesting play of light around the room, £ 180.00 and £ 185.00



F: Coffee Table 78001


This hugely trendy `Rivet`Copper Coffee Table goes beautifully with all the warm colours of the season, (Diam. 102cm) CHF 998.00 (Kare is represented in a large number of countries within and outside of Europe)



Forecast: IMG_0045

This green vintage velvet/leather type armchair is one my favourite discoveries this season. Everything is stylish about it and it works so well with all the seasonal colours, CHF 1.299,00 at Globus in Geneva


Forecast: il_570xN.498193335_m108

You need to move fast to become the proud owner of this “one-off” Tall pedestal compote floral centre piece in vintage brass and with a wooden neck. A lovely way to present your after dinner chocolates to your guests, CHF 45,91


F: QCH112BRM-0_01

The Tatiana Velvet Cushion Cover in Agate/Amber can add a truly luxurious and warm colour spot to a sofa or armchair, £ 32,00 (ship to Europe)



F: Green Chest BCX8967_M1_4 

This hand crafted Antonia Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers in Emerald Green is quite an unusual and interesting mix of French Renaissance paired with Ethnic workmanship, £ 1,295.00


F: Fabric Velvet icaria-velvet-main-3


Sandersons new Icaria Velvets amongst which are these gold and turquoise hues create are wonderfully warm and luxurious look, £ 65.00 a meter,


F: 999887037

If you are in need of a new accent table (or even if you are not) I would go for this state of the interior fashion Meridian End Table. The quatrefoil inspired design, finished in a striking gold hue, surrounds an antiqued mirrored glass surface which will reflect beautifully any candles or decorative items which are placed on it, $ 399.00 (ship to Europe)



F: Orange Armchair 324427394-b7ddcf23-e36d-4e32-aa64-d79659c7b2fc_300

A very affordable and stylish chair which is super trendy, EUR 349,00


F: Wallpaper Gallerie


The `Gallery Curator Wallpaper` is a perfect solution for any empoverished art enthusiast wo likes to be surrounded by a fine collection without having to dip deep into his pocket, (Gravure printed paper roll, L: 68.58cm W: 60.69) £ 148.50,



For: floor-rug_9733_500

This St David`s cross floor rug must surely be a very tempting piece for any Retro design enthusiast, size 120cm x 170cm, £ 720.00,



   Forecast: Copper-Home-Accents  Forecast: 390532_m

Whether you are or are not re-designing your kitchen these Original BTC Stanley Hammered Copper Pendent Lights or the round Copper Lights are the latest light accessory you might like to add. It creates that lovely warm contrast to any contemporary kitchen, different sizes from £ 275.00 or similar models are also available at Globus in Geneva from approx. CHF 175.00



F: bookshelf-wallpaper-by-young-battaglia-vintage-2.5m-panel-3091-p[ekm]233

Bookworm or not, this is the next best thing to the idea of having your own “bibliothéque”! If you don`t have quite enough books to fill all your shelves but the cosieness of a vintage library look appeals to you, you can use this wallpaper even on a small stretch of wall to create a feature. Designed by Young & Battaglia via at £ 70.00



F: Chair realchair_m1

This Copper Chair is definitely the “piece de résistance” amongst the trendy/designer chairs this coming season. If you do invest in this you might be out of pocket but you will be in good company as the chair will no doubt be picked up and featured by all the top interior design magazines,


F: zebra__18541.1300144556.1280.1280

This Zebra print cowhide stool is certainly following in the “Out of Africa”  interior footsteps so why not go wild over this and use it as your statement coffee table, £ 595.00



F: TFR001BLD-0_01

Extending our African journey the Masai Dhurrie Cotton Runner works well with a contemporary and classic room scheme and comes in various rug sizes too, £ 365.00



F: Red Chest 115842_2


This prett red chest `Chevet Rose Haute Couture` would look gorgeours in a girls`bedroom, EUR 229.00 (Maison du Monde have outlets accross Europe)


F: QCH067MLT-0_01

The Aztec Linen Cushion Cover is a very stylish example of South American folk art and works like a dream with the Masai Dhurrie Cotten Runner/Rugs   £ 56.00


Forecast: 01_he4100

Heathfield has certainly come up trumps with this Metis Garnet Table Lamp. The glass base has a gold effect and looks quite amazing with the black lamp shade, £ 642.00



Forecast: il_570xN.386075837_t4ro

This gorgeous modern copper cushion with its geometric felt design is one of my favourite autumn accessories, CHF 105.20


Forecast 2: 8471202498968336_239

This very trendy candle wall light will add extra cosiness to your room and creates a very stylish feature especially when having friends round for dinner. The wall lights come in a copper, gold and silver finish, so take your pick or mix all three metal colours to create additional interest,


Forecast: city_bedside_m1

If “Latest Trend” is your Motto and you have the budget to match it, I suggest you get this Copper Bed which is part of the Heals Cantori Urbino Collection. A combination of Italian craftsmanship with contemporary styling, it creates  truly statement furniture at a snap of £ 3.856,00



Forecast: Zoffany wallpaper phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

If you are tossing and turning in your copper bed and are longing for the “good old days” this beautiful Zoffany Eleonora wallpaper will lift your spirits in absolutely no time. It lends itself well to an entire room scheme or just a feature wall,


For: image-1

Those who are leaning towards the more traditional side of interior design should love this very pretty hand painted bedside table (Beistelltisch Belle) , EUR 129.00 (shipment to Switzerland can be arranged)


F: Mural 3 new_01_large              F: Mural 2 23_large

You will have to dip slightly deeper into your pocked to treat yourself to these stunning Panoramic Wallpapers by De Gournay,



 F: Fabric 1 lotus-collection4-700x466         F: Fabric 3 mountains-stacks-700x466

These lovely hand-printed linen fabrics by Galbraith & Paul can be ordered via



For: papier_peint_t___4f606aee32edd

You would think that this bedhead has been beautifully carved out of wood as well as hand painted and might be a tick too pricey for you!  This very clever wallpaper mural “Tete de Lit Classic” just needs to be stuck onto the wall and.....”Hey Presto”!! At a snap of EUR 49,90 you have a beautiful bedhead or get two for a double bed,


F: Purple chair 133163_1


This plum coloured occasional chair `Fauteul Montpensier Violet` would look stunning with the above bedroom colourscheme, EUR 399.00 (have outlets accross Europe)




Forcast: 345-696-AvaCoffee

If you have jumped on the “gold rush” band wagon and are keen to inject a little bit of luxury to your sitting room, this rather glamorous Ava Coffee Table will certainly entertain your guests in style,



F: Blue Chair img_bluevelvet_1


A hugely elegant occasional chair adds a very luxurious element to any sitting room,



For: 114094331

This Meridian Sconce with soft hues of gold surrounding an antique mirror will reflect the candle light beautifully and compliment most classic or contemporary interiors adding a bit of sparkle to your walls, £ 49,95 (will ship to Europe)



F: Korla 4 page-26               F: Korla 1 page-8

These lovely geometric prints can be turned into lampshades, cushions, blinds and curtains in 3 different sizes by the company who supplies them at a reasonable price,



For: West Elm Ikat Stool img93j

The Upholstered Bench-Platinum is bang on trend with its fashionable Ikat pattern design. It looks perfect at the end of a bed and provides a useful surface for all your useful or not so useful trinkets, CHF 320.00 (ship to Europe)


Forecast: il_570xN.485265227_572d

What a “knocker”! This Vintage Door Knocker - Gold with Pearls - is another unique “one-off” piece to allow for a rather grand don`t sleep over it if you like it! It comes at a snip of CHF 21,04 (Ships to Europe)


F: Y Rug 2190_Standard


If you are looking for a rug which creates an interest without dominating the room though, the hand knotted Niki Jones Nimbus Rug which can be made to order, is a fantastic choice,



 F: Dining Table 20285789_015_b

As animals in all forms, shapes or sizes seem to have met the interior trendsetters selective eye this coming season, you can safely follow your animal instinct with this Ball & Claw Dining Table, £ 1.598,00



Forecast: 88402a01a522e7e5e45d3d53ead16a81

If you are still looking for that special state of the art design jewel for your dining table, you might want to cast your eye over this stackable chair by Frederik Alexander Werner. With Masters at the Royal Danish Academie of Fine Arts school of Design he has become a hugely respected and stand out furniture designer,


Forecast: 9955644d-c6ae-4332-9bc5-ae5293b68d00

This Base Wall Light will certainly get my “thumbs up” for atmospheric and stylish room and dinner party lighting, EUR 615.00 (ship across Europe)



F: Animal 3 970124_020_bF: Animal 4F: Animal 5 7573465250001_080_b


Your children will love having these animal heads on their bedroom walls (made of recycled cement bags and vintage book paper), from £48.00



Forecast: 129685_2

If you have a black & white or predominantly neutral interior the Aubergine Chest could inject just a lovely little colour spot into your room, 


F: Pink C 2191_Category

If you just need a small warm colour element in your room, this Niki Jones Folk Pink cushion would make a very stylish choice, £ 77.00



Forecast: jkt1128_m1-lr-ls

A great way to inject a feature with a difference. This decorative multi coloured Pom Pom Set adds dimension to your room and will lift any dull little corner or space, £ 19,95



F: ritchie_3seater_candy_pink_product_page11 

If you are “over neutralised” and feeling in need of colour, the Ritchie Sofa will certainly be able to come to your rescue, £ 599.00 (Ship to the UK and France)


For: fez-sconce-140869859

To compliment the above colour with something neutral, the Fez Sconce with its mirrored and clear tiles will provide a dazzling display of reflection and light, $ 39,95 (will ship to Europe)



F: verity-emerald-cushion-main 

This exquisite silk cushion is certainly fit for a Queen. It is part of the Designers Guild Royal Collection,

For: image

Following the popular bird design trend, the “Kleinkommode Clemence” is hand painted and would provide a truly happy and uplifting piece of furniture in a bedroom, EUR 282.00 (can arrange delivery to Switzerland)


F: Green Chair bailey-accent-chair-geometric-017399801


You can add something very trendy to your room without it costing the earth, $ 399.00 (ship to Europe)  


For: image.jpg

These jolly lampshades are perfect for bedrooms “old and young”, (can arrange shipment to Switzerland)



Forecast: pick-n-mix_group-random_01

If you can`t decide on one of the colours why not get them all and create this fun display of handmade glass pendants, (ship to Switzerland)




Here are some favourite picks which show how the new colours and designs can be used for different room schemes: 


Forecast: 87d26bd3cf193c33c5bc67d8f7b0978b



Forecast: b98fb86a225780070ff21db1482a5aa6



Forecast: Copper Light IMAGE 2_kitchen



Forecast: Copper-pendant-lights-in-a-modern-kitchen



F: New Yellow med-Interior design pictures via myLusciousLife blog - Animal 


Forcast: 56a9307e2e7bfabef90ec221cca683d9



Forecast: 4ecddad711ef5fd720b0bb5a8e42c8cc






Forecast: Emerald green walls 1



Forecast: images-4



Forecast: Green Sofa/Wall dedar-Copy


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